Days 151 & 152 – Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd October 2016

We’re off to Queenstown…
As I’ve mentioned, South Island is absolutely beautiful, but it feels like all we’ve done is drive! It’s about time to settle down a bit I think. 

Day 151 – Friday 21st October 2016
This morning we woke up early so that we could get sone laundry done before having to check out at 10:00. Our first stop of the day, which only took a couple of hours to get to, was a small town called Wanaka, where had two reasons to stop. Firstly, being the immature guy that I am, I really wanted to find a Wanaka sign and stand in front of one of the A’s for a photograph. We didn’t find a suitable sign though, so I’ll leave it for you to work out how it would’ve looked. Secondly it’s home to Red Star Burger Bar, which we’d been told that we absolutely could not pass without stopping to eat. Seriously, the burgers were out of this world, look: 

With lunch out of the way and Queenstown just 100km away, we decided to carry on driving. The road between Wanaka and Queenstown left us lost for words – we’ve done the Canadian Rockies and we’ve done California State Highway One, but this was definitely up there with the best of the best:

We stopped countless times so that we could fully appreciate of our surroundings, which resulted in the drive taking a lot longer than expected, but for good reason of course. It wasn’t until we found ourselves just outside of Queenstown that we started looking for somewhere to stay, and it was then that we realised prices are all a little bit inflated here. Not only did basic campsites (no power, Wi-Fi, showers etc.) cost more than some of the best campsites that we’ve stayed in so far, but we had to stop for fuel too, and even that too cost a lot more than ever paid since arriving in New Zealand. 
In the end we found somewhere to stay in Frankton, about twenty minutes away from the heart of Queenstown right on top of Lake Wakatipu, where of course we went for a splash as soon as we’d parked up: 

We picked up some bits from a local store which we hoped would see us through at least the next few days, then made dinner and called it a night. Queenstown had us stunned already and we weren’t even all the way there yet, so tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough! 

Day 152 – Saturday 22nd October 2016
Our day started in just about the best way possible – with a knock on the door from our neighbours offering us two carrier bags full of food, drink, cooking oil, tin foil, you name it, they were giving it away for free. Their trip was coming to an end, and with just one day to go their leftovers were either going to us or in the bin. We offered to take them for a drink as a way of saying thanks but they had a romantic dinner booked for their final night away, so had to say no. Free stuff is always a winner in our eyes though! 
Once showered and ready we decided to go for a walk along Lake Wakatipu, which we followed for about 8km as far as Queenstown Gardens, where we found a street market to stroll around. After wandering for a while, then sitting down to work out what to do next, we went to grab a bite to eat. Apparently, according to every single person we know who has been here, you don’t visit Queenstown and not get a Fergburger, so for the second day in a row it was a burger for lunch. We both went for the Big Al, the biggest burger on the menu. It was seriously huge, messy to an unimaginable extent, but tasted really good as well. A perfect example of both quality and quantity:

We even had two people stop and ask to take our photograph while eating because they were so impressed! 
We thought it was only right to walk some more after eating so much so we wandered around town, popped into loads of little shops and even grabbed a milkshake each from The Cookie Muncher (greedy buggers). By 17:00 we started to look for a pub, but not just for the food or booze this time, we had important things to do – like watch rugby! Obviously food and booze comes hand in hand with rugby, but we had our priorities straight anyway. 
We found a place called Surreal were they not only had New Zealand v Australia on the big screen, but accepted Bartercard and had free Wi-Fi too, what a winner. The game was great, although the Aussie’s did get robbed of a try which changed the game in my opinion. We also racked up a tab of $155 in the process of watching, but that went on the Bartercard, which I think we only have about $140 left on now. 
We took a taxi home which didn’t cost much and then went straight to bed. The only thing that I didn’t mention earlier in this post is that we booked ourselves something pretty spectacular for tomorrow, so had to make sure that we got a good rest. I’ll let you wait for the next post with pictures and/or videos before saying any more than that though! 


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