Day 162 – Tuesday 1st November 2016

Happy Halloween… 
Without a shadow of doubt my favourite night of the year back home is always Halloween, but unfortunately it’s not such a big deal over here! Even still we woke up and got the animals over and done with and then had the rest of the day all to ourselves. Our hosts even left us a list of things to do, which was really nice of them! 
The French couple decided to do their own thing, which left Abbie and I with the three others, Maike, Toni and Ashley. We put our heads together and decided to drive to Hamner Springs, where we arrived at around midday after a two hour drive. Once there we immediately headed straight to the dog Stream Reserve where we stopped for a picnic that Abbie prepared before we left, where the Maike introduced us to maple syrup on crumpets, which was strangely amazing.
With food eaten and stomachs full we decided to go for a hike up the Conical Hill trail through the Hamner Forest. What was meant to be an hour long round trip ended up taking quite a bit longer because we kept stopping to take pictures of the beautiful scenery:

With just one major tourist attraction in the area, the Hamner Springs Thermal Pools and Spa, which we deemed a little bit too expensive to visit, there wasn’t much else left for us to do. Instead of leaving immediately we found a pub, had a quick drink, and then started making our way home. We stopped three times on the way back – once to pick up a pumpkin, which failed because they were out of stock, then again for pizza, and finally to take a group selfie before it was too late: 

Back on the farm the animals had already been sorted by the others so we went straight to bed, absolutely shattered. We knew that an early night was needed because we both really wanted to get the painting finished, but whether or not that will actually happen is a different story. 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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