Days 163 & 164 – Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd November 2016

Work hard, play hard… 
There’s a real sense of freedom and flexibility here as long as our assigned tasks are completed. When the work is done we’re free to spend time as we please, and get to choose our own days off too which is a massive bonus! 

Day 163 – Wednesday 2nd November 2016
We got straight back to work this morning and spent a good few hours applying the first coat of gloss paint to the weather boards. Whereas we could afford to be a bit sloppy in places with the pigment sealer and undercoat, the gloss had to look perfect, hence taking a little longer than the rest. Before we knew it lunchtime was upon us, but before eating we made sure to finish up so that nothing dried unevenly.
Being a Wednesday two people also had to go on the food runs, which are done twice a day three times a week, and something that we knew nothing about until now. Typically different people go in the morning and afternoon, so the morning run was done earlier by two others but Abbie got a call up in the afternoon. All she had to do was drive for an hour or so accompanied by Toni, then pick up some food scraps which we feed to the pigs and drive back home. I on the other hand had to paint some more which meant more solo climbing on our questionable scaffolding. The work wasn’t particularly hard so the day seemed to fly by, and with good weather forecast for tomorrow we thought about taking the day off, but left that decision until the morning before making it official.

Day 164 – Thursday 3rd November 2016
Instead of taking the whole day off we decided to take a half day instead, so that we could get the second coat of gloss on the weatherboards done, and finally complete our first task on the farm. It took a while because certain areas were particularly tricky to reach, but by lunchtime we had it all looking wonderful:

In the afternoon, contrary to the forecast, the weather was dreadful. We wanted to visit Christchurch sooner rather than later just to be sure that we didn’t miss the opportunity, so teamed up with Maike, Toni and Ashely again then headed into the city. Ashley, the only one of us who’d actually been to Christchurch before, suggested a visit to C1 coffee shop to keep out of the rain, so we took her up on the advice and stayed for a while to see if the rain would pass.
From the outside C1 looked like any regular building, but inside it reminded me of something from Back to the Future. Everything was a bit quirky, the coffee was great, and all food was served in capsules which were sent through a pneumatic system which occupied the roof and walls. Again I forgot my camera so didn’t take any pictures which is a shame – thats something I’ll definitely try to stop doing!
The weather didn’t get any better so we didn’t have a chance to get much else done, but visiting C1 was great and at least meant that we can claim to have been to Christchurch, even if it was only for an afternoon. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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