Days 178 & 179 – Thursday 17th & Friday 18th November 2016

It still doesn’t feel like Australia…
I keep thiking that we’re still in New Zealand. Right now there’s only one thing that’s noticeably different and that’s the weather. 

Day 178 – Thursday 17th November 2016
There was nobody home this morning when we got out of bed for breakfast, but we found a to-do list on the table which included a lot of cleaning, washing, hoovering, goat walking and gardening. Having the house to ourselves was pretty fun, meant that we could be a little more relaxed about our work and have a few more tea breaks than normal, and even found time for a quick water fight. Abbie started it by getting me with the hose, so I soaked her with a bucket of water and then took this picture to document my victory:

We managed to get all of our jobs done quickly because nobody was around to get in our way, but then as soon as the kids got home they wrecked the place all over again which we should’ve seen coming really. Other than that there wasn’t much on, we had homemade burgers for dinner and then watched loads of TV in bed. Having decent Wi-Fi again is definitely playing a big part in our daily routine, we haven’t had connection like this since back in Buenos Aires! 

Day 179 – Friday 18th November 2016
Today was the hottest day of Spring so far and reached a high of 36℃, which made it the hottest day we’ve had since Texas back in July. Abbie was on babysitting duty all day, looking after two children of family friends, so I had to take over painting duties. 
Neither of us really struggled with the weather – Abbie was inside the whole time and I was on the decking in the shade. Thankfully it wasn’t particularly humid either which made it more bearable. 
In the evening we had guests and cooked steak on the BBQ before staying up pretty late, drinking a couple of bottles of Scotch, and doing the typical get to know each other thing. It was a day of great weather, great company and great food, so no complaints from either of us. Victor the French volunteer is getting a bit better at speaking English too, which we’re taking full credit for. 
We decided before bed that I am reasonably well suited as an apprentice tradie (tradesman), which led to the idea of me helping out on a job in the morning. I’d have preferred to establish such a thing before getting drunk to be honest, but you can’t win them all. I downed some water before bed to try and prevent a hangover, but only time would tell how much that’d work, and with only five hours to sleep I definitely wasn’t confident!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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