Days 180 & 181 – Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November 2016

I can be manly too if I try…
I’m definitely not the manliest man around, but in the right company I can definitely give it a shot. That’s what we learned this weekend at least!

Day 180 – Saturday 19th November 2016
The plan was for me and our host to wake up at 07:00 this morning for breakfast so that we could leave by 08:00 at the very latest – that didn’t quite work out though. I had to hit snooze few times before falling out of bed, but then crawled to the kitchen for toast and water and killed off any chances of a serious hangover. Our host on the other hand didn’t appear until around 08:15, already an hour late, and then spent more time complaining than actually getting ready. In the end it wasn’t until nearly 10:00 that we finally got going!
Instead of rushing to site and making up for lost time we stopped on the way to pick up six bacon rolls (yep, that’s three each) and a couple of vanilla latte’s. Then before setting up any of the tools once we’d finally arrived, we had a quick tea break. Priorities, right? 
We had the saw set up in the garage out of the way, cut everything to size, and then basically put up a wall with enough room for some double doors. I’m sure there’s a more technical and specific way of saying that but I won’t pretend to know. Here’s a few pictures anyway:

In all honesty the most difficult thing that I had to do was measure a piece of wood or pass some tools up a ladder when asked to, so it wasn’t a difficult day at all. 
On the way home we stopped to pick up beers and Chinese food, then got back and had dinner (without telling anybody that we’d already eaten), finished all of the beers and then moved onto the Scotch again. It’s probably worth pointing out that were not paying for anything either because technically this counts as volunteering. Not bad, eh?

Day 181 – Sunday 20th November 2016 
Today all of the females went to the beach with the kids and all of the boys stayed behind. Abbie’s work was to help look after the kids, which is a complete cop out if you ask me, but we certainly made the most of our day with the ladies gone! After spending less than an hour around the house tidying up and making it look like we’d done a lot more than we actually did it was straight to the bush in the 4×4’s:

We had an absolutely ridiculous time, tackled a few roads that I would have never deemed achievable, scared the life out of Victor and managed to get ourselves well and truly stuck on several occasions:

We did damage the vehicles a bit, but nothing too serious. It was quite hilarious driving away and talking about how much it’d cost to restore them just to go out and bust them up all over again, but hey these guys love what they do so fair play to them! 
The girls had a great day too, but we can’t have them finding out how much fun we had without them really can we?


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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