Days 182 & 183 – Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Finally some freedom down under…
Somehow we managed to forget the fact that we only have to work five days a week, but after six in a row some time off was well overdue. Besides, we’re in Australia, there’s hardly a lack of things to do is there? 

Day 182 – Monday 21st November 2016
Being our first real day to do whatever we fancy today we had only one thing in mind – a trip to Sydney! After a slow start we caught a lift into Campbelltown at around 11:00 and took a train from there straight into Circular Wharf Station. It only took a second before o was (for the first time in a long while) left completely speechless. For some reason, seeing the Sydney Opera House triggered some sort of excitement inside me: 

In my eyes Sydney marks the half way point for our trip, and that really took me back. In a few days time, we’ll have been gone for six months, and I couldn’t quite believe it. 
We didn’t walk up to or around the Opera House because there’s likely to be another opportunity to do that, but we did however walk to the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and back:

We didn’t know what else to do but wanted to take it easy, so wandered through the city and happened to come across Westfield Shopping Center at the bottom of Sydney Tower. We probably wouldn’t have gone inside had it not been for free tacos, but there happened to be a restaurant giving out free tacos, so we couldn’t just walk past. 
We took a route back to Circular Wharf Station via Sydney Botanical Gardens which was lovely, then ran for a train which we made the skin of our teeth. Unfortunately because we had to get all the way back to Tahmoor which is quite out of the way, our connecting train took fourty minutes to arrive and didn’t get us back until nearly 23:00. Unsurprisingly everybody else was in bed by that time so we went straight to sleep too, chuffed with how our day had gone and super excited that we have another day off to look forward to as well!

Day 183 – Tuesday 22nd November 2016
This morning for some strange reason our host decided to bang on our door shouting “wake up” at just gone 09:00 regardless of the fact that it was our day off. I wanted to be angry at her but got straight in the shower instead, ready for another day of not working. 
We took the car and drove for around half an hour to Bowrai, the largest town in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, then carried on to Morton National Park where we parked up and started to explore: 

Oh we had Victor with us too, who we obviously had to get a photograph with, regardless of the fact that my hands and shoulders are completely different colours:

We walked for a while, spotted Fitzroy Falls, then carried on through the bush which is where I nearly wet myself and jumped down the valley to my death because of a scuffle through the leaves. It could’ve been anything from a deadly snake to a deadly spider or a deadly anything else but no, it turned out to be a (hopefully) harmless lizard of some kind:

We took a different route back to Tahmoor via Berrima where we would’ve stopped for lunch had it not been so expensive, then carried on to Macarthur Square Shopping Centre where the food was priced reasonably. 
Back at the house of an evening we had a few games of cards before bed to get an early night. Our two days off were great, but the thought of getting up to work again in the morning wasn’t particularly appealing.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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    Welcome to God’s country :-o)

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