Day 190 – Tuesday 29th November 2016

I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award…
Let’s get today our of the way first – Abbie and I done possibly the most British thing imaginable and took our towels to a leisure center where we spent the day around the outdoor swimming pool. Yes we could’ve gone to the beach, but then we’d have probably had to take the kids with us, and besides, there’s a lot less that can kill you in a public pool isn’t there?
Anyway, on to the fun stuff, my Liebster Award nomination! Having only started blogging at the end of May this year, I’m super chuffed to have been nominated for this award by Sharleen of The Wandering Homebird

The Liebster Award offers a way for fellow travel bloggers to pay it forward, the idea being that each nominee should then nominate other bloggers and so on and so forth so that we can all discover new blogs and show each other that there are new people out there who are paying attention. There are rules to follow, so if you’re reading this as one of my nominees, accepting the nomination means that you’ll abide by the following:

• Create a post on your own blog displaying the Liebster Award Logo.
• Answer the questions assigned by the blogger who nominated you.
• Provide rules/instructions for accepting the award.
• Nominate your favourite bloggers for the Liebster Award.
• Come up with a list of new questions for your nominees.
• Notify the nominees.
• Post your Liebster Award blog post link in the comments of your nominators Liebster Award Post.

Q) Of all the people you have met on your travels, who stands out the most?
A) For me this question is particularly difficult to answer, mainly because we are always meeting new people, making new friends and creating amazing memories. That said, I have to say Josh and Benni, two German guys who we met while lost in a Peruvian bus station. The four of us hit it off immediately, stayed in the same hostel, done literally everything together for a few days, and even had a fancy farewell dinner before going our separate ways. I’m certain that we will meet up again too, when we get home of course.
Q) If you could go anywhere today, where would it be?
A) In all honesty I’m not sure. I definitely don’t want to go home yet because I’m having far too much fun, but I’m not sure that I want to leave where we are right now (Tahmoor, Australia) either. I think I’ll go for Antarctica, but only because we’re visiting six continents this year and I’d love to make it seven.
Q) Is there something you seek out on your travels, no matter where you are?
A) This is another tough one, but the one thing I’m always looking for is a good old bargain. Travelling on a budget isn’t easy, so usually it’s the little things that put a smile on my face. I brought a beer on the Copacabana for the equivalent of 75p back in August – that was a good day!
Q) Camping or 5* hotel?
A) This one Is easy! I’d choose camping over a 5* hotel without any hesitation. Whether it’s in a tiny two man tent at a cold and rainy UK music festival or in the back of a converted Toyota Hiace overlooking Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand – there’s something I love about being outdoors that hotels usually just can’t offer! 
Q) If you had one travel tip to share with your readers, what would it be?
A) In the infamous words of Shia Labeouf – just do it. Take chances, push the boat out, conquer your fears and create memories. I for one would much rather be able to tell the story of something that I hated instead of living with the regret of not trying it! 
Q) Touristy attractions or off the beaten track?
A) I feel a bit hypocritical saying this, but I can’t stand tourists! When we visited Christ the Redeemer for example, we weren’t able to take a single photograph without having a stranger in shot. That seriously annoyed me, so it’ll have to be off the beaten track I think!
Q) Does the idea of travelling alone bother you?
A) It doesn’t, but I guess it doesn’t have to. I’ve got Abbie with me, and she’s not going anywhere, so all is good. Could I travel on my own if she wasn’t here though? Yeah, I think so!
Q) What age were you when you took your first flight? And where to?
A) I don’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure it was when I was maybe eight years old when we visited family who live in Budapest (where my nan is from, which explains the surname)!
Q) Most exotic animal you’ve ever come across on your travels?
A) This one is really exciting, because to this day we still have no idea what it was! During our visit to Iguazu Falls in Argentina we heard something in the bushes not far from the path. We stopped and looked, then saw something and turned straight around to get out of there! It was a cat of some sort, but it was big and scary so we didn’t take any chances!
Q) What is your first travel memory?
A) My mum is going to hate me for this, but on a family holiday when I was maybe six years old we visited a holiday park back at home in the UK – Camber Sands I think. Anyway, there was a vertical slide there which she climbed all the way to the top of, then sat on for absolutely ages, before bottling it and walking back down. People offered her money, drink, and all sorts to brave it, but she just couldn’t. What a pansy!
Q) Where to for your next adventure?
A) Ready to be jealous? We are currently in Australia, then it’s Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, hopefully Laos and Myanmar (Burma), Hong Kong, maybe China subject to visa approval, India, South Africa, and Madagascar too, but only if we have enough money left!

Okay so I think I’m meant to let people know before nominating them but I haven’t. Here goes anyway!
MarcusStreets of Nuremberg.
LanCurios Traveller.
Peter and DonaLiving the Q Life.
GeoffSilver Fox 175.
John and PeggyWhere to next? 
• Bel and NaomiMagazu Travelling
Michael – MPA Travels.
The reason for my nominations? These bloggers are always showing love and support, often leave likes and comments on my page, and aren’t just in it for themselves. These guys make me genuinely happy that I do this, so thank you all! Let’s hope the nomination is appreciated eh? 

What’s the most exciting or out of the ordinary thing you’ve ever eaten?
Q2) Would you rather revisit somewhere that you know you like, or try somewhere new? 
Q3) If you could pick a celebrity travel companion, who would it be and why?
Q4) If we could meet up for just one day, where would you take me and what would we do?
Q5) Do you have a favourite place in the world, and if so where and why? 
Q6) Is there anything that you regret doing or not doing on your travels?
Q7) Do you think you could ever pack up and travel indefinitely, or do you rely on having somewhere to go home to? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. Ah Dan, this is too much honor, I feel flattered 😉 and of course I will accept this nomination 😎. I will work on this when I return from sunny Texas to icy Germany on the weekend. In the meantime you guys enjoy your pooltime…..

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