Days 192 & 193 – Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd December 2016

As if it’s December already…
I am so done with time passing by this quickly. Like seriously, where has 2016 gone? 

Day 192 – Thursday 1st December 2016
Today was Ellie’s Birthday, despite the fact that her Birthday was actually yesterday – I guess only those of you who read the last post will understand. Anyway, because today was all about her she chose to spend her day at the park having a picnic. Unfortunately for Abbie and I there was work to be done, so we weren’t invited.
Our hosts told us that there’s a family party happening on Saturday that we are invited to, but it’s being held here at the house, so everything had to look immaculate. For that reason we carried on with odd jobs all day long, from 09:00 through until around 16:00 when we each had a shower and couldn’t wait for a rest. We are only meant to work for five hours a day here but didn’t mind putting in the extra effort given that we are welcoming loads of guests in a couple of days time.
Finally after cramming over two days work into one, I settled down at around 20:00. We worked out at the end of the day that we have five days remaining, of which we are owed three days off, so we’ll see how that goes eh? 

Day 193 – Friday 2nd December 2016
I kind of cant wait to get out of here now, even getting out of bed in the morning is becoming a drag. I guess luck was on our side today though because we had another day of driving. We had a lazy morning and set off at around 11:00, then drove for three hours to pick up one of the party guests (who is staying the night so that she doesn’t have to rush to get here tomorrow), before heading straight back again. Thats literally it, another boring post I guess. You’re probably wondering why we’re putting ourselves through it but everything will make sense on Tuesday, just you wait!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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