Days 194 & 195 – Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December 2016

Time for a party, Australian style…
We had plenty of reasons to celebrate this weekend – it was the first week of summer, three people had their birthday, and there was an anniversary too. That and it was our last weekend before leaving, so we had to make it a good one!

Day 194 – Saturday 3rd December 2016
I don’t know if I mentioned anything about losing my wallet back in New Zealand, but I did. One of the guys from the farm happened to find it though, which was great, and then he happened to fly to Sydney, which was even better. This morning we drove into the city to meet up with him, brought him a coffee to say thanks, then stopped to pick up beers for the afternoon/evening when guests were due to arrive. 
I grabbed a case of twenty four beers which was a touch excessive but polite too – sharing is caring you know? Everything got off to a relatively normal start, we had a couple of drinks, passed the rugby ball around in the garden, started the BBQ and then had food around 18:00, by which time everybody was a bit merry. Then, after clearing up, things started to get a bit weird! 
We somehow got on to the subject of trees in the garden, then one thing led to another and we ended up pulling the biggest tree down with the 4×4. I’m not quite sure how or why it got to that, but it did, so I went along with it. I even had a high visibility jacket and a hard hat too, for no reason other than to look the part. Unfortunately it was too dark for a photo or video, but it was hilarious. We made sure that the kids were in bed by this point too because we are responsible of course. 
At around 22:00 a few other guests arrived and we ran out of beers so started on the Scotch. It was at the point that we decided to stay up for at least another three and a half hours to watch the rugby too (England vs Australia – there’s no way we could miss it). I also called my brother, which I can only apologise for, and then my mum, who didn’t realise that she was speaking to an old Australian bloke putting on an English accent instead of her son! Cheers for that love. 
The rugby was great – England won I definitely let everybody know about it. By the time we went to bed it was around 04:00 and although only a few of us managed to survive the night, everybody gave it a decent shot. That said, I don’t really remember going to bed to be honest! 

Day 195 – Sunday 4th December 2016
After only about four hours sleep we had a knock on the door at 08:00 to let us know that breakfast was ready. We had bacon and eggs and I was definitely still drunk, but a few of the other guys were in the same state which made it half acceptable!
Nobody wanted to do anything so we decided to watch a movie together after eating, but then in the early afternoon the alcohol started to wear off and the hangover kicked in. I’ve never had a hangover before that starts half way through the day, but thankfully it wasn’t a dehydrated headache kind of hangover, it was more of an excessively tired kind of hangover, so I just went to bed.
I slept through until dinner for which we had kangaroo steak, another first for our travelling ticklist, then had to tidy up the mess we’d made last night.
We attacked the chopped down tree with a chainsaw and kept almost everything as firewood, then hit the sack again. I’m surprised that we found the energy to do that much in fact, and it did take a long time, but meant that we’ll have a free day tomorrow to do whatever we fancy. It’ll be our last day too, so again, we’ll try to make it one to remember. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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