Days 198 & 199 – Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th December 2017

The start of our mini adventure…
I’ll start by pointing out the fact that posts for the next few weeks may lack text in favour of photographs, but hopefully it’ll be worth it! 

Day 198 – Wednesday 7th December 2016
We woke up today at 04:30, caught a taxi to the airport, hit traffic and only just made our flight, but found ourselves in Cairns by 10:30:

Although we had a four berth van pre-booked, an email on the day of pick-up to apologise for a mistake in the system had our dreams pretty much shattered. We had to take a taxi into the city and then walk in and out of almost every rental place to find something, and even then when we finally did it wasn’t a camper. Luckily for us though, we found just about the best deal imaginable on a hire car! We managed to bag a relocation vehicle which needs to be in Brisbane on or before the 19th December, which just happens to be the day we fly back to Sydney. Because it’s a two way thing (we get the car and the rental company don’t have to pay somebody to move it for them) the cost was only $192 in total, for a thirteen night hire, including fully comprehensive cover for four drivers. In GBP, so that those of you at home understand, we’re taking roughly £30 per person for a car that we can keep for nearly two weeks. What a bargain! 
We spent the day exploring Cairns, visited the Esplanade Lagoon, then popped into a didgeridoo store where Brother Trevor (a very spiritual kind of guy) taught us not only how to play, but also how to exercise emotions through the use of music. Alright I didn’t quite get the emotional/spiritual aspect of it, but we had quite a lot of fun, and it was free as well:

Later in the day we found ourselves another incredible deal, this time on accommodation. Cairns Holyday Park, who apparently can’t spell the word holiday, only had three person cabins left available, but agreed to let all four of us stay at no extra cost as long as one of us slept on the sofa. That’s another winner if you ask me! For dinner we had a BBQ, then had a few drinks and played some cards before going to bed:

We didn’t have a plan for the morning, but knew that we had to be up and out by 10:00, so getting an early night was definitely the responsible thing to do. 

Day 199 – Thursday 8th December 2016
We managed to leave the cabin on time this morning and headed straight for Kuranda as recommended by a few friends. Unfortunately we only made it half way there before realising that we’d forgotten to check out and return the cabin key, so had to turn around and drive all the way back again. It made the early start seem a bit pointless, but wasn’t that big a deal.
Back on the road we decided to head for Port Douglas where we stopped at Four Mile Beach for an hour or so. Whereas normal people were sunbathing or swimming, Jake and I found a coconut tree and used our amazing survival instincts to source some natural goodness:

Instead of tuning around after visiting Port Douglas we carried on driving North instead, as far as Cape Tribulation, which is literally as far as we could go. We found an amazing little campsite called PK’s and booked four beds in a seven person dorm, but had the room to ourselves in the end because nobody else checked in:

There was a strict policy of no alcohol unless purchased on site, which we half abided by at the bar but then grabbed a few drinks from the car which we had back at the room. Nobody noticed though so it was all fine! Apparently I’m still a real lightweight because after about five beers I was definitely drunk, and despite the fact that we had to leave by 10:00 again the responsible side of us all kind of went out the window. It was another great day though so who am I to complain about getting a bit drunk? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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