Days 206 & 207 – Thursday 15th & Friday 16th December 2016

Another two of Australia’s top ten…
Because when Tripadvisor recommends it, it’s probably worth going for!

Day 206 – Thursday 15th December 2016
We had to be up and on a bus by 07:25 this morning, before taking the barge at 07:45 to Fraser Island, where we arrived at around 08:30. Our tour of the island, in a pretty awesome kitted out 4WD truck, included stops at Lake Mckenzie (a perched lake where the sands are composed of pure white silica and the water is some of the purest in the world), Central Station, Eli Creek, 75 Mile Beach and the S.S. Mahena Shipwreck. Here’s a few photographs from what was one of the best days I’ve had in a very long time:

Oh and for those of you wondering, that’s a washed up whales skull that we found! Incredible isn’t it?

Day 207 – Friday 16th December 2016
We had another early start today and spent three hours on the road before arriving at Australia Zoo around midday. We stayed for over five hours, petted the red kangaroos, stroked the koala bears, watched as staff fed an enormous (16ft long) crocodile, and spotted a few animals that we’ve never even heard of before like the echidna, cassowary & binturong. We didn’t take many pictures, but again, here’s a few of my favourites:

It was another magical day, but a damn tiring one that’s for sure!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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