Days 208 & 209 Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th December 2016

The last few days of our East Coast road trip…
With only two days left before returning to Sydney we had to make the most of our time. We probably had a little bit too much fun in the end though! 

Day 208 – Saturday 17th December 2016
We spent this morning arguing over the price that we paid for our room after finding four or five cockroaches and a mouse scurrying around in the early hours, but ended up with a $60 refund, so not all was bad. We didn’t want to have to waste time finding somewhere else to stay after that so booked ourselves into the Byron Bay YHA Hostel, which is when the fun started! 
We took four free body boards from the hostel and headed straight for the beach, where we stayed for a good few hours playing in the water and soaking up the sun:

We had Mexican food for lunch which was surprisingly cheap and particularly tasty, especially when washed down with a drink or two:

After eating we wandered around for a while and then headed for the liquor store to grab a few drinks, before spending the rest of the afternoon around the pool. Having completely fallen in love with Byron Bay already we decided to have a night out, so headed for a club called Cheeky Monkeys at around 19:00 where we stayed until close at 02:00. Drinks were half price all night for those staying at our hostel, which we took full advantage of. I was pretty worse for wear by the time we got back to our dorm, but let’s not go there – instead here’s a picture of us before we actually went out: 

I’m half tempted to treat you all to a picture of me at the end of the night too, but will save myself the embarrassment. 

Day 209 – Sunday 18th December 2016
This morning wasn’t fun at all. Megan was the only one of us who felt safe to drive, Abbie was unwell, and Jake and I could barely move. We had to man up and crack on though, so jumped in the car and headed for Surfers Paradise, where we met up with Abbie’s brother Greg and his girlfriend Hannah, who are also travelling:

Despite feeling like death for the majority of the day we had a great time together, but had to go our separate ways after a mini tour of the area. Greg and Hannah headed back to their place and us four drove north to Brisbane where we spent the night in a cheap motel. We picked up KFC on the way to try and cure our hangovers, then went to sleep as soon as we’d finished eating. Nothing like chicken and chips in bed eh? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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