Day 210 – Monday 19th December 2016

Time to say goodbye to our trusty hire car…
Today was the very last day of our East Coast road trip, but we couldn’t leave without checking out Brisbane could we? We called the car rental company first thing in the morning to extend our hire by half a day so that we could make our own way around, then headed straight for Brisbane Powerhouse, which is offially ranked the best thing to do in the city. Unfortunately we were all left quite disappointed – despite being a converted pre-war industrial power station which had so much potential, the place was seemingly overused for business mettings, which was such a shame!
After stopping for lunch we drove into the city, parked up near the Botanical Gardens, and then wandered across the Goodwill Bridge to the South Bank and back again. It was quite a gloomy day, but any sunnier and we’d have been roasting: 

Everything was going well, we got the car returned on time and arrived at the airport with almost an hour to spare, but then things took a turn for the worse. It’s a long story but we ended up having to re-book our flights with a different airline which cost £89 per person, although we did get upgraded to seats with extra leg room so had reason to stay positive:

We landed in Sydney at around 23:00 and then went out separate ways – Abbie and I to the Asylum Hostel in Kings Cross and the others to stay with family in Dee Why. It was strange to say goodbye, even though it’s only for a day or two, but on the back of spending two weeks together we definitely felt like something went missing when we left each other!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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