Days 211 & 212 – Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st December 2015

Still not feeling like Christmas…
So now that we’re back in Sydney we expected it to start feeling like Christmas, but apparently not. Well, not yet at least.

Day 211 – Tuesday 20th December 2016
I forgot to mention in the last post but we were upgraded from a six person mixed dorm to a two person private room at our hostel upon arrival, so missed the free breakfast this morning and didn’t get out of bed until around midday, which we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do with others around.
We had one of the most laid back and chilled out days for a long time, spent a few hours walking around Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo (what a name), and planned on having an early night after dinner, but that was never going to happen in a hostel was it? Just as we finished eating and clearing up after ourselves a few of the other guests starting getting everybody together for a drinking game in the common room. We didn’t have any alcohol on us but played anyway, and ended up getting pretty drunk on cheap wine, or goon as it’s known out here. At $13 for a 5L box it’s the drink of choice for almost every backpacker out here! 
We ended up going to bed a good six hours later than planned, but it was definitely worth it. Without Meg and Jake around making a few new friends was just what we needed!

Day 212 – Wednesday 21st December 2016
Somehow we weren’t hungover this morning and made breakfast, for which we had pancakes – Abbie’s favourite! Then after a quick shower we took the train from Kings Cross to Town Hall where we met up with Meg and Jake again and started a free walking tour of the city: 

Stops along the way included Town Hall, Sky Tower, Opera House and Harbour Bridge amongst many other landmarks, but so many people were too busy snapping away that I doubt they actually learned anything at all. We on the other hand gave the cameras a rest and decided to pay attention for the full two and a half hours, which took us all the way to lunch time. We stopped at a burger joint for a bite to eat and then met up with Jake’s cousin Tom who joined us as we took the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. The ride took about half an hour and offered bestial views of the Sydney skyline, although this picture which I took on my phone doesn’t really do it any justice:

Manly Beach was absolutely beautiful, but none of us went swimming because it happens to be one of the most common places for a shark attack to take place:

After a quick pub stop we went our separate ways, which marked time for Abbie and I to head back to our hostel and get dinner on. We thought it’d be another late one but surprisingly enough everybody settled down to watch a movie instead of getting rowdy again this evening, so Abbie and I took the opportunity to get to bed as early as possible. It was still around midnight by the time we got to sleep, but taking a break from drinking was probably a good move.


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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