Days 213 & 214 – Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd December 2015

A perfect example of why I can’t get my head straight…
This is entirely true as well, I genuinely heard somebody say ‘have a great Christmas this summer’ earlier. How backwards is that?!

Day 213 – Thursday 22nd December 2016
Today was one of those awkward in between days of nothing much really. We woke up to free breakfast at the hostel again and then met up with Meg for a bit of shopping, which took us as far as North Sydney but nowhere particularly special. Still, it was nice to go somewhere different instead of just spending all day every day in the same part of the city.
In the afternoon Abbie had her first hair cut since leaving home back in May, and although it was tempting for me to get a hair cut too I stayed strong and carried on with my quest to go the year without doing so.
Back at our hostel in the evening we watched Christmas with the Cranks with a few of the other guests in an attempt to make things feel a little bit more festive, which kind of worked I guess. The weather is still throwing me off though – today wasn’t even a particularly hot one for us and still reached the mid-twenties.

Day 214 – Friday 23rd December 2016
Last night was out last night at the Asylum Hostel, which meant that today we had to pack up our things and leave. Although the usual check out time is 10:00 we were allowed to hang around until the early afternoon. I genuinely don’t have a bad word to say about this place, and would seriously recommend that anybody who comes to Sydney checks it out too!
We skipped the free breakfast in favor of one last date with Meg and Jake before they head to Goulburn for a few days over Christmas which was really lovely, and then took an Uber to our new place after saying goodbyes. From there we took an Uber to an apartment which we found on Airbnb, where we’ll be staying until early January. It’s situated right on top of Ramsgate Beach which means that not only do we have great view of Botany Bay from our balcony, but also a remote beach that’s nice, quiet, and better yet – shark safe:

We convinced our host to buy us a Christmas Tree so spend the afternoon creating our own decorations to make everything feel a little more festive. After that we took a walk to Aldi to do some budget Christmas shopping, picked up as much as we could for as little as possible, and then spent about five hours upfront of the television watching movies. With the decorations made, Bailey’s (well, the cheap alternative called O’Donnell’s, but anyway) open, and a nice place to ourselves for a while, it was finally starting to feel like Christmas. Nothing like any Christmas we’ve ever had before though!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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4 Responses to Days 213 & 214 – Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd December 2015

  1. Wish you and Abby a blessed and peaceful Christmas! Enjoy this special Christmas in the summer, you will remember it forever! Ours back in 1993 in Johannesburg was -> going to church -> a dip in the pool -> barbecue under the Christmas tree 🎄 Have a great one !Marcus


  2. 1944april says:

    Your picture reminds me of the road along Botany Bay (Grand Parade?) at Sans Souci, may a happy time there . .


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