Days 219 & 220 – Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th December 2016

Finally, some family time…
After seven months of Skype calls and Whatsapp messages, we finally had a chance to catch up with family in person. Alright it’s only two of them, but that’s about as good as it gets when you’re on the other side of the world!

Day 219 – Wednesday 28th December 2016
This morning Greg and Hannah had a lay in, which was fully understandable after twelve hours on the road yesterday. All four of us were up and ready by midday though, so took a train to Town Hall and started the same walking tour that we took with Meg and Jake, only led by Abbie and I this time instead of an official guide. I think we done pretty well as tour guides, and retained loads of information that we learned last week too, so tried our best to pass as much if that on to the other two. Also, unlike on the official tour, we had a restaurant suggestion which went down pretty well:

With food out of the way we carried on walking, this time over the Harbour Bridge to North Sydney, where we wandered around for quite a while trying to conjure up a plan for New Years Eve. In the end we all agreed that we’ll head for Milsons Point and see how it goes, but didn’t want to be too strict or specific with our planning. After over sixteen thousand steps in a little over four hours (according to Greg’s phone) it was time to head back to the apartment, where we cooked dinner and then stayed up to have a few drinks and play cards. 
I think the day was quite a success, and hopefully we gave the others a good introduction to Sydney – we tried hard enough! 

Day 220 – Thursday 29th December 2016
Today was the day that Abbie and I have been waiting for – finally, a trip to Bondi Beach. We had been putting this off for a while just so that we could share the experience with the others, and it was definitely worth it. We even convinced Meg and Jake to meet us there too, so spent the day together as a group of six, on what has to be the busiest beach I’ve ever visited in my life:

It was ridiculously hot, but thankfully quite overcast, else I think we’d have all just evaporated into thin air. We took a few photographs too, some of which are quite hilarious – check out the differences in our sun tans, we look like a human colour chart:

We done well, but the weather finally took it’s toll on us after about four hours, so we said goodbye to Meg and Jake again then drove home for dinner. Even in the evening the temperature was almost unbearable, and definitely the hottest we’ve had since arriving in Australia. We had two fans in the apartment though, so made do with those turned up as much as possible. I also found that pointing out how hot it was only made things worse, so tried to ignore it. Writing this didn’t help though, I should’ve left it for another day really! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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One Response to Days 219 & 220 – Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th December 2016

  1. Lea Denton says:

    Love how you’re altogether now even if it isn’t for too long! Enjoy the New Year celebrations in Sydney and look forward to seeing you all again when you get home xxxx

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