Days 225 & 226 – Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th January 2017 

That’s it for Sydney then…
I feel like I’m saying it far too much lately, but it’s so true – time is really flying by far too fast! I can’t quite work out how its time to leave Sydney already to be honest. 

Day 225 – Tuesday 3rd January 2017
We had to be out of our apartment by 11:00 this morning so Abbie being Abbie decided that she wanted to bake a cake. We ended up leaving at around 11:30 but only after our host, who had been faultless until that point, had a moan because we didn’t water her plants. Who leaves plants that need watering in an apartment where strangers are staying, doesn’t tell anybody, but then moans about it afterwards?! 
Anyway as soon as we left we headed for the Olympic Park, where we hoped to walk around and get ourselves a taste of what the place was like seventeen years ago for the Olympic Games, but to our disappointment that wasn’t really possible. Along with the fact that we couldn’t find a parking spot, nowhere was open to the public either, so we had to leave almost straight away. 
We spent a couple of hours driving South to the Blue Mountains where we are going to stay for the next few days, then checked into Echo Point Motel and decided to spend the evening indoors playing cards instead of going out exploring in the dark. It’s always better to go exploring when you can fully appreciate the views anyway! 

Day 226 – Wednesday 4th January 2017
We had a slow start today and didn’t get going until nearly midday, but had a long one ahead of us so didn’t want to rush. Once on the road we drove as far as Ridgewell Road where we joined the Burramoko Trail on foot and walked as far as Baltzer Lookout: 

Despite taking just over an hour to get to, Baltzer Lookout offered astounding views of the Grose Valley. It’s safe to say that I’m starting to get over my fear of heights, but only to a sensible degree. You see, there’s being on the edge of a cliff, then there’s sitting on the edge of a cliff, and I’m pretty comfortable with both of those things, but then there’s Hanging Rock – a huge block of sandstone that’s detached from the main cliff and overhangs at a height of over 100m. Accessible only by jumping from the main cliff, straight over the sheer drop, I felt confident in myself but freaked out at the thought of Abbie risking it. In the end neither of us braved it, and neither did Hannah. Greg on the other hand went for it, and put his life on the line for the sake of a photograph:

By the time we’d walked back to the car, stopped for dinner on the way back to the motel and then eaten, not one of us fancied moving again. We walked for sixteen kilometers in total, but thankfully it wasn’t too hot which made it a little more bearable. We didn’t even have energy for cards before bed, so just watched TV instead. It was a very long day, but so worth it. None of us died either so that’s a good thing! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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