Days 227 & 228 – Thursday 5th & Friday 6th January 2017

One for those who think this sounds easy… 
Here’s a post that I know a few of you are going to enjoy. I’m sure by now that a few of you are starting to think that this is just an easy ride, which sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s definitely not either! 

Day 227 – Thursday 5th January 2017
This morning I woke up at 05:55 to watch football, which might seem slightly excessive to some of you, but was well worth it. Tottenham smashed Chelsea 2-0 and stopped them on their way to making history on the back of thirteen consecutive victories in the league. Ha! 
By the time the others were up I’d been awake for over four hours already, but that didn’t stop us from making the most of what turned out to be our final day in the Blue Mountains together. First we took a short drive to Scenic World, which meant missing out on the Scenic Cableway, but that was too expensive anyway and pretty damn high as well! 
We took the Scenic Walkway from there, for 2.5 kilometers along an elevated platform through the Jamison Valley. We stopped several times along the way and got up close and personal with Katoomba Falls from various points as we descended into the rainforest:

Upon arrival at the Jamison Valley floor we stopped to take in the scenery, spotted The Three Sisters rock formation in the distance, then explored elements of the local coal mining history. Instead of walking back up to the top we chose to take a ride on the Scenic Railway – the steepest passenger railway in the world! Made up of glass-roofed carriages that incline at an angle of 52 degrees, there’s even an option to adjust the position of your seat. Being the adventurous bunch that we are, we went for the ‘Cliffhanger’ option and took the ride at a pretty ridiculous 64 degree incline. The Railway experience, which climbs 310 metres up through a cliff-side tunnel before emerging at the top, was an unforgettable (and pretty damn scary) experience:

Note that the picture of the carriage is before the incline started, just in case you’re thinking it’s not that steep! 

Day 228 – Friday 6th January 2017
Today we had to pack up and leave by 10:00, then planned on spending five hours exploring Wentworth Falls where Abbie and I had an Airbnb booked, before Greg and Hannah could leave for Sydney where they had an Airbnb booked too. Nothing really went to plan though!
When we arrived at our Airbnb to check in at 15:00 the cleaner wasn’t even there yet, then when she arrived she told us that she needed at least an hour to sort the place out, so we couldn’t check in until 16:00. We popped to the store to get some shopping done and returned an hour later, only to realise that although the property is listed as having internet, Wi-Fi, a washer and a dryer, it in fact none of those things. Better yet, it was only half renovated, had just one power outlet, and the ‘nearby supermarket’ was over 4 kilometers away. Also, by the time we’d noticed all of this it was already 17:00, so Greg and Hannah were late for their check in too. 
We decided to leave, but had to find somewhere local, within budget, where there was at least a fridge and freezer to store the food we’d just picked up which was defrosting on our laps in the back of an already packed out car. Thankfully the others decided to hang around and help us out, so we found a different place to stay at short notice and made our way there instead. This one was clean and tidy, with a very accurate online description, and a massive bath which made everything seem a little bit better! Still, thanks to us being messed around it wasn’t until gone 19:00 that Greg and Hannah finally got to their place, for which we felt super guilty. Today without them would have been a complete disaster! 
We managed to get to bed pretty early, which was definitely needed after the day we’d had. How about that for a reminder that it’s not all fun and games when you’re travelling eh?


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. What a tour! Thanks for sharing your impressions, always a great read!

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