Days 229 & 230 – Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th January 2017

Last minute changes and sporadic decisions…
We made a plan to explore Penrith (where we are staying) on Saturday and then meet up with Greg and Hannah for one last time on Sunday, but didn’t do either of those thigs in the end. We haven’t taken many chances during our travels, especially when we already have plans in place, but this weekend we just went for it!

Day 229 – Saturday 7th January 2017
We woke up to a message on Facebook this morning, from our old Workaway hosts back in Tahmoor, inviting us to a birthday party this evening. Their place was well out of the way but we didn’t have anything better to do, so quickly searched online for directions and then headed for the train station.
Despite being only 52 kilometers away as the crow flies, we had to catch one train all the way into Central Station and then another train all the way back out, which took over an hour each. We left our Airbnb at 14:00 and didn’t arrive at the party until gone 18:00, armed with nothing but beers, rum and a change of clothes for the morning. The plan was to camp out in the garden, but that didn’t happen in the end either! 
We had an amazing barbeque, loads to drink, and then slept on a sofa each to avoid risking the chance of spontaneous combustion at sunrise in a two man tent. Just before bed though, in a slightly drunken state, we came up with the ingenious idea that we’d just stay for another week again – how clever is that? 
The decision left us with an Airbnb to cancel, a Workaway to cancel, and loads of belongings which still needed picking up from Penrith, but we went to bed and left it until the morning to get everything sorted. Last minute decisions eh, who’d make them? 

Day 230 – Sunday 8th January 2017
We had loads to get done this morning but lacked enthusiasm, so started with the bits that we could do from the confort of the sofa that we slept on. First I contacted our Airbnb host to ask whether or not she would refund us for a night if we decided not to stay, which she quite surprisingly agreed to. Next I contacted our Workaway hosts to let them down and cancel our stay, which I felt extremely guilty for! I may have told a little white lie regarding flight changes to justify our decision, but they’ll never know that will they?
We finally got out of bed around 09:00 and then dropped Clarissa (who we now consider our friend not just our old Workaway host) off at work. She in return let us borrow her car to drive to Penrith to collect our belongings, which meant avoiding eight hours on the train and made our day much easier! After picking our things up we drove back to the house and dumped it all out of the way, before helping to set up the second Birthday party in two days – this time for Leo who is turning four. Being a kids party there was a lot less alcohol but a lot more cake, and that definitely suited us two! 
It felt funny being at the same house we stayed in almost two months back, but took no time for us to get settled in again. By the end of the day part of me felt like it had been ages since we last visited but the other part of me felt like we never left. Either way, it was lovely being able to relax around people we know in a house that we’re familiar with, especially now that we’re into our last couple of weeks in Australia. 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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