Days 231 & 232 – Sunday 8th & Monday 9th January 2017 

A little mid-travelling holiday…
I purposely left this bit out in the last post, but the family who have invited us to stay with them are actually going away on a week long camping holiday. Better yet, they’re taking us with them too! 

Day 231 – Sunday 8th January 2017
This morning we aimed to leave by 10:00, so thought we’d get away by at least 11:00, but didn’t actually hit the road at 12:00. That was still pretty good going though, especially with five adults and five children to get sorted. 
After a good three hours on the road we reached Swansea Gardens Holiday Park, where we spent a further five or six hours putting the tent up. I know you’re probably reading this and wondering how on earth it takes that long to out a tent up, but trust me, this thing is more than impressive. There’s three small bedrooms, one large bedroom, a kitchen and a dining area, then two gazebos out front with a seating area underneath. I’ll try to upload some pictures when I can, but the Wi-Fi is pretty non-existent here. 
By the time we’d settled in nobody could be bothered to move, let alone cook, so we had Domino’s for dinner and then went to bed almost straight away. It was a long and stressful day, but well worth it too – by getting the hard graft over and done with today we set ourselves us for a long day of relaxation tomorrow! 

Day 232 – Monday 9th January 2017
The only downside to sharing a great big tent is that as soon as the kids wake up we wake up too, and this morning that was at around 07:20. We hopped straight out of bed and then had bacon and egg rolls for breakfast, before getting everybody ready and walking to Lake Macquarie which is no further than 50m from our campsite. 
After a few hours in the water we had lunch and then I went out on a shopping expedition with the other three guys for things that were forgotten (like plastic mugs and plates) while Abbie and Clarissa stayed behind with the kids and played in the swimming pool. 
In the evening we had barbeque cooked chicken, then stayed up playing cards once the kids were asleep. It was a nice temperature all day, not cold in the slightest but bearable at least. Then just before bed we checked the forecast for tomorrow and had a slight meltdown. I’ll save details for the next post, but let’s just say that we went to bed expecting to get very little sleep – It was about to get absolutely ridiculously hot! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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