Days 233 & 234 – Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th January 2017

Probably the most time I’ve spent at a lake, ever…
You can’t really blame me though – we’re in Australia right on top of one of the largest salt water lagoons in the Southern Hemisphere. Why would we want to do anything else?

Day 233 – Tuesday 10th January 2017
After seven and a half months away from home it’s safe to say that I’m pretty used to it being hotter than usual, but there’s nothing I could’ve done to prepare me for today. We woke up at around 07:00 in a puddles of sweat (grim), then had breakfast quickly before making a break for the lake. 
We took kayaks this time which probably wasn’t the best idea given that it meant spending more time our of the water than in it, but was loads of fun anyway. Then for lunch we had chips with chicken salt, a condiment which recently took the UK by storm (or so the internet tells me) but has been a favourite down under for a long long time. I think it’s alright but don’t particularly like salt either, so let’s not go there! 
After eating we headed for the lake again, this time with snorkelling gear, and stayed out all afternoon long until the sun started to go down. It reached a ridiculous high of 41, which resulted in early nights all round. Literally none of us made it past 20:00, but after a day outside in temperatures like that I think it’s pretty understandable. 

Day 234 – Wednesday 11th January 2017
This morning was much nicer – overcast with a slight breeze. We went straight out to the lake anyway though, this time with a rubber ring which we attached to the back of a boat and pulled along at speed. 
I went first and lasted maybe three or four minutes before crashing into a wave and being thrown off into the water, then Abbie had a go but just wouldn’t budge (what a show off). We have GoPro footage of us both which I can’t upload right now, but will definitely get posted when possible (when we’re back from camping). 
Just ahead of lunch we went out on the boat to explore Lake Macquarie, continued under the Pacific Highway as far as the Tasman Sea and then had to turn around. We only had noodles to eat because we wanted to get out again, so jumped in the boat for a third time and went out in a different direction armed with fishing rods. Abbie had the first catch of the day, a 20cm Whiting, and I had the last catch of the day, a 15cm Snapper. Neither of the fish that we caught were big enough to keep and eat, so we returned them to the water and then headed back to the campsite. 
After realising that we were short of beers I had my first go at driving the 4×4 (which was awesome) and went to the store with Abbie. Then, with alcohol for the night sorted, we grabbed dinner for everyone and took the long route home to rack up some more time behind the wheel. We had shark from the fish and chip shop, which was nice but nothing majorly different from normal chip shop fish. Still, there’s another something that I’ve never tried before! 
Somehow, after surviving what seemed like the hottest day of my life yesterday without a hit of sunburn, I managed to end up looking like a tomato today. I think the clouds and temperature deceived me, but everybody else was burned too and that made me feel just a little less silly. Well, everyone but Abbie of course, she skips the red bit and just goes brown! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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