Days 239 & 240 – Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th January 2017

Getting sorted, then getting out of here…
That’s it then, our final couple of days in Australia! 

Day 239 – Monday 16th January 2017
We spent all day today sorting out things that we probably should have sorted out weeks ago, like buying anti-malaria tablets for example. What we thought would be a simple task turned into a bit of a nightmare, meant an hour or so in a waiting room just to see a doctor (which cost $65 each in itself), then $80 each for sixteen weeks worth of drugs. Still, better than catching malaria right? 
Next we decided to find a photobooth for new passport photos, just to be on the safe side for future visas and border crossings, and It wasn’t long before we noticed that photobooths are almost non-existant in Australia. Instead they sit you down on a stool in front of a white sheet (just like when you’re a kid in school) to take passport photos. Not only did that mean suffering the embarrassment of sitting in the middle of a shop for your photo to be taken, but cost $20 per person too!
On a positive note, for our final night at Tahmoor House we had Thai takeaway, and ordered pretty much the entire restaurant. I’ve literally never seen so much food on a table in my life! 
We considered packing, but didn’t bother in the end. No point in stressing when we know that our flight isn’t until 22:10 tomorrow is there? 

Day 240 – Tuesday 17th January 2017
Okay so you know how we didn’t stress out last night? Well we probably should have. Not only did we have to get everything together before leaving, but we had a load of washing and drying to get done before that, then had to actually make our way to the airport too (which was set to take three hours via public transport). Oh and to make matters worse it was 38, so even after showering we didn’t feel particularly fresh. 
We changed our plan at around midday and took a lift to the airport instead of catching three trains, which was very convenient but meant arriving six hours before we could even check in! That turned out to be quite a good thing though, as we hit a real stumbling block at the check in desk. It turns out that Indonesia, where we are flying to, don’t allow visitors who can’t prove that they’ll be leaving the country in the near future. That meant instead of being able to just wing it like we originally planned to, we had to get organised and book a flight there and then. Had we not arrived so early I’m not sure we’d have had enough time, so there’s always a bright side eh? 
After a typical departure gate selfie, we boarded flight one of two, from Sydney to Taipei: 

You see, whereas we could have taken a direct flight, we decided to fly to Taiwan and catch a connecting flight instead. Quite ridiculously, the decision meant travelling for twenty hours in total instead of just six, but saved us £130 each. Think of it this way – not only did we save money, but we had three meals each, a whole bunch of movies to watch, and alcohol too, all of which cost absolutely nothing! I’m still convincing myself that we made the right decision – can you tell? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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