Days 243 & 244 – Friday 20th & Saturday 21st January 2017

Finishing up in Ubud and moving to the other side of Bali…
Ubud isn’t massive so it was no surprise that we were done after just a few days. Neither of us were expecting our next destination to be quite as different as it was though! 

Day 243 – Friday 20th January 2017
We woke up to the sound of rain clattering against our roof this morning and decided at that very moment that we wouldn’t be doing much unless it cleared. Thankfully, after a particularly lazy morning spent watching TV online, the rain stopped at around midday, just in time for lunch. 
We walked into Ubud again and tried a new restaurant and a few new South East Asian dishes – this time Abbie had Thai Beef Salad and I had a Asian Skewers. Both of our meals were great and cost next to nothing, which left us with enough change to buy an ice cream each too! Then we took a slightly longer route home which gave us a chance to experience more culture instead of just tourism, and wanted to take a ridge walk along the Campuhan River but had to cancel our plans when it started to rain again. Instead we spent more time back at the room, getting to know our neighbours and making further arrangements for the near future while we had the chance. 
Being our final evening in Ubud we decided to return to Warung Magendra (the same restaurant that we visited on our first evening) because of how good it was before. Ubud is a wonderful place but in just two days we had seen and done so much that it felt right to be moving on already – not particularly far, but somewhere that we hoped to be new and refreshing. Thankfully we knew that we didn’t have to check out until midday tomorrow either so didn’t have to rush at all, and for once managed to actually stay awake later than 22:00 so stood a chance of sleeping through the night without waking up super early! About time too, who’d have thought that being just three hours behind Australia would have affected our sleeping pattern so much? 

Day 244 – Saturday 21st January 2017
We woke up and had one last free breakfast at our Homestay before packing our things and making a move at around midday. Instead of taking the shuttle bus, which looked pretty cramped and sweaty, we took a taxi all the way to Kuta. Recognised as one of Bali’s first tourist developments, well renowned for it’s daytime surfing and nighttime partying, Kuta sounded a bit like the Southern Hemisphere’s Ibiza, but left me quite intrigued too. 
We checked into the Gora Beach Inn at around lunchtime and walked just over the road to Tubes Bar for something to eat, where we made friends with an Indonesian guy (who’s name I couldn’t even pronounce let alone remember) and played a few games of pool. Then instead of heading back to the room straight away we decided to walk around for a while, which is when we realised that everything here is pretty much the same. You could almost guarantee that every building on every street was going to be a souvenir shop, massage parlour, bar, restaurant or nightclub, and although we also walked past the Bali Ground Zero Monument and along Kuta Beach too, neither of them were particularly special either. Just about the only place that seemed half decent was where we’re staying – there’s wonderful grounds and a great pool too, but by the time we noticed it was too late to take advantage of them:

In the evening we couldn’t be bothered to eat out so grabbed noodles from the local store and ate them back at the room. I managed to stay up super late watching football, until around 04:00 in fact, but that takes us into tomorrow morning so I’ll follow up from there with another post soon! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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