Days 245 & 246 – Sunday 22nd & Monday 23rd January 2017

A couple of inbetween days before the big one…
With massive plans for Tuesday (but nothing set in stone) we found ourselves with forty eight hours to finish up in Bali, travel over 500km to Labuan Bajo, make our plans a reality, and spend as little as possible in the process. Who doesn’t love a challenge though? 

Day 245 – Sunday 22nd January 2017
So after staying up until nearly 04:00 this morning watching Tottenham snatch a lucky 2-2 draw away to Manchester City, I was denied a lay in by another selfish thunderstorm. Great. 
We checked the weather forecast and saw that it was due to rain until the early afternoon so passed time after breakfast by going for a full body massage, because at just £4 per person for an hour of being rubbed all over who wouldn’t? 
By lunchtime the rain still hadn’t slowed down so we had something to eat and then wandered around a few of the souvenir shops to see if there was anything worth buying, which there wasn’t:

When blue skies finally started to appear we headed for the Kuta Beach again, hopeful that it would be a little quieter than yesterday. It was, but that probably made it worse – instead of loads of people there was just loads of rubbish, which had either been washed up or left behind: 

We didn’t spend any time at the beach because it was gross, so wandered back to the pool instead, then got an early night ahead of tomorrow when we make a move – Bali has been great but we can’t hang around forever can we? 

Day 246 – Monday 23rd January 2017
For us this morning was very get up and go, but only once we’d made time for free breakfast of course. We left for the airport at 10:00 to arrive by 11:00, then checked in at 12:00 for our Nam Air flight to Labuan Bajo at 14:00. 
The flight was pretty damn turbulent but only took an hour which was a huge sigh of relief, then once we’d landed and picked up our bags we took a taxi to The Orange Hotel where had a room booked for the night. Instead of having a lazy afternoon, which I wouldn’t have put past us on any other day, we dropped off our things and headed straight out to find something to do tomorrow. You see, Labuan Bajo is one of the main gateways to Komodo National Park, so we had high hopes of finding a package deal which included a stop at Kimono Island. 
It was quite stressful process but after wandering in and out of numerous tourist information centres we finally found ourselves something – a four person tour with stops at Manta Point, Kimono Island and Pink Beach. Not only did it include everything we wanted and more, but it already had a couple booked on for us to join, so worked out cheaper than going at it alone too. What a result! 
Chuffed at how well our plan came together we treated ourselves to dinner at a rooftop bar and watched the sun go down over the Flores Sea:

Unfortunately, thanks to a booking error (courtesy of yours truly) our room had no air conditioning and a shared bathroom, which meant that it was hot and sticky and a little bit smelly. It was only for one night though, and at least we had ourselves all set up for an amazing day tomorrow! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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