Day 248 – Wednesday 25th January 2017

A day of delays…
The only reason that we decided to visit Labuan Bajo was for the tour of Komodo Island, and with that out of the way we had nothing else to hang around for. 
At 09:00 a member of staff at the lodge we were staying in brought breakfast to our room which was a nice touch. Then, because we didn’t really unpack when we arrived, we had loads of time to relax in our room until check out at midday. 
We headed straight for the airport and got lunch in a tiny little canteen style restaurant, then checked in realised that our flight was delayed by an hour, leaving us with a three hour wait on our hands. By 16:00 when we finally got going we were behind schedule and a little bit concerned that we wouldn’t make our second flight (because you can’t fly direct from Labuan Bajo to Jakarta, meaning that we had to stop in Bali). That didn’t matter in the end though, because a huge thunderstorm decided to roll in and delay our Bali flight by two and a half hours too. 
We didn’t land in Jakarta until nearly 23:00, almost four hours later than we were meant to arrive. By the time we’d taken a taxi to Six Degrees Hostel and checked in for the night it was time for bed straight away, so we had to scrap our plans to go exploring and save then for the morning. 
It was quite an annoying day all in all, but hey, at least we were only delayed and not cancelled like some of the other flights! 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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