Days 249 & 250 – Thursday 26th & Friday 27th January 2017

It’s Abbie’s Birthday(s)…
Because why celebrate for just one day, when you can celebrate for two instead? 

Day 249 – Thursday 26th January 2017
Now, for those of you know don’t know Abbie particularly well, she doesn’t celebrate her birthday like the rest of us – as soon as Christmas is over she starts with the “it’s my birthday in XX days”, and even after her birthday she’ll claim at least a few “it was my birthday XX days ago”. For that reason we thought we’d go all out this year and really make it one to remember! 
After breakfast at the hostel we checked out and took an Uber to Hotel Borobudur, a five star diamond hotel with twenty three acres of tropical gardens, six restaurants, it’s own private spa and an Olympic size swimming pool, where we had ourselves a double room booked for two nights. 
Upon arrival it was clear to see that we were well out of our depth. We carried our backpacks straight through the main entrance past the Bell Desk without any recognition and managed to make it all the way to reception before somebody caught up with us. Then, when he wandered off with our things we didn’t know whether to follow or just let him go, so hovered a bit awkwardly until somebody gave us directions. Somehow we used naivety to our advantage though, and bagged an upgrade to a deluxe king size room, which made the cluelessness feel just a little bit worth it. 
We called room service and had lunch brought up to our room to, then spent the afternoon exploring the hotel grounds, getting to know our way around and choosing a restaurant for dinner. In the end we decided on Bruschetta, a quiet little Italian place, where we gave ourselves a break from Asian cuisine for the first time since arriving and had pizza and pasta. 
It was a rather lazy one, but with time on our side we didn’t want to rush anything. We left out some of the best bits out anyway – there was no point in cramming everything into an afternoon when we had a whole day ahead of us tomorrow too! 

Day 250 – Friday 27th January 2017
Now I’m not sure that it’s my place to say this because it was Abbie’s Birthday not mine, but I think today went pretty well you know! 
The hotel staff showed up at our room with a surprise cake for Abbie at 09:15 (which I somehow managed to arrange without her realising, I think) just before we headed downstairs for a huge buffet breakfast. Then, once we’d stuffed our faces with a ridiculous amount of everything from pancakes to fried noodles, we returned to the room to chill out for a while before walking to the spa and booking ourselves in for a ninety minute couples massage. I did spend a lot of time, particularly when being rubbed around the waist or near my armpits, trying not to laugh uncontrollably (I’m ridiculously ticklish), but it was much better than the £4 massage at our hostel in Bali that’s for sure! 
Other facilities in the spa included a sauna, steam room, hot tub, and ice bath, all of which we took full advantage of. It was a shame at first because men and women had to use different facilities, but it didn’t take long for me to work out why. Let’s just say that Abbie definitely wouldn’t have wanted to see half of the things I saw, especially as she was trying to enjoy her birthday! 
Our afternoon was spent around the outside pool where it was rather overcast but still quite warm, and by the time we finally decided to shower and get ready for dinner it was nearly 20:00. The day well and truly flew by, but didn’t end there. It happened to be Chinese New Year as well as Abbie’s Birthday, so we tried to book a table in the Chinese restaurant, which was unsurprisingly full. Instead we had a couple of drinks in the lobby, but that turned out to be just as entertaining when three dragons dance their way past us.
Ask me if I’d have changed anything and I don’t think I would as it goes, I just hope Abbie enjoyed herself as much as I did. Here we are just before dinner, looking smart in our going out clothes which are rarely unpacked:

What a lucky guy I am. That’s was it for pretending to be posh though, we couldn’t keep it up for too long. Besides, we love travelling as backpackers far too much to give it up for anything more than a couple of days! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. Great post! Glad you could enjoy this experience on that special day! Happy Birthday Abby !! Greetings from Texas! Marcus

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