Days 252 & 253 – Sunday 29th & Monday 30th January 2017

Less than half the size of London… 
That puts things right into perspective doesn’t it? Singapore (the Country) is less than half the size of London (the City). That’s crazy! 

Day 252 – Sunday 29th January 2017
We woke up early this morning and took a train straight to City Hall for coffee and a sandwich before taking a slow walk towards Marina Bay. With the whole day ahead of us we didn’t want to rush or miss anything, so headed straight for Marina Bay (which seemed to be in the middle of almost everything) where we found two of Singapore’s main tourist spots – Marina Bay Sands (the three buildings with what looks like a boat laying across the top of them) and Merlion (the statue that’s half fish and half lion): 

From Marina Bay through the central business district, past the Old Hill Street Police Station (one of the most colourful and vibrant buildings I think I’ve ever seen) to the Asian Civilisations Museum: 

After a late lunch we wandered straight to the Esplanade where local singer-songwriter Nelson was due on stage to play a free show at 18:00. We arrived early to secure ourselves a seat, then passed time by listening to Greg James’ BBC Radio One Podcast “That’s What He Said”. Granted it was a couple of days late, but I had one final Birthday surprise for Abbie – during the birthday song (a regular feature on the show) she got a little mention. Here’s a clip, give it a listen: 

Now I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but how about that for a low budget Birthday present? 
Anyway, Nelson wasn’t great so we strolled back to Marina Bay as the sun started to go down, spotted the Singapore Flyer (the second biggest Ferris wheel in the world) in the night sky, then walked to Gardens By The Bay where we arrived just in time for the light show:

As we left we passed Satay By The Bay where they served almost everything from barbecue seafood to fried carrot cake – how weird is that? From there it took a while to get home, resulting in a very late night after a very long day. Both of us were shattered and my feet were blistered, but it was definitely worth it! I don’t think we’ve had a long day of spontaneous exploring like that in a very long time. 

Day 253 – Monday 30th January 2017
We treated ourselves to a well deserved lay in this morning and didn’t get going until the early afternoon, but had no reason to hurry so took it easy. 
Our first stop of the day was Chinatown, where there wasn’t a knife, fork or spoon in sight. Thankfully Abbie and I both know how to use chopsticks else it could have been quite a disaster, but it was nice to embrace the Asian culture and choose a restaurant because it looked good, not just because it had the cutlery we’re used to using. 
With food out of the way we took another train to Bugis where we found Singapore Souvenir Shop and picked up a free tourist goody bag consisting of tissues, a pen, a fan, post-it notes and a key ring. We didn’t particularly need any of those things, but they were free so we took them anyway. Then our last stop was the local store where we stocked up on essentials like noodles, bagels, crisps and biscuits before heading back to the Airbnb and getting an early night. 
Singapore isn’t the cheapest place, but it’s definitely one of the most clean and welcoming. Somehow we managed to spend another eight hours walking around so felt very accomplished by the time we got into bed. After just two days we were more than ready to hit the road on again, so booked a couple of things and made a plan for tomorrow. You’ll have to wait for details of where we are going, how we are getting there and where we are staying though, I don’t want to ruin the surprise do I? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. Nice pics….you plan to go to Sentosa Island to see the pink dolphins? They are really pink!


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