Days 255 & 256 – Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd February 2017

Another couple of seriously busy days…
The pace was set high and we showed no sign of slowing down. We’re here to do as much as we can, and that’s exactly what we’re doing! 

Day 255 – Wednesday 1st February 2017
We were eager to get going today, being our first day in Malaysia and all, so had a quick breakfast then headed straight out to Batu Caves. We took an Uber there because it only cost a tiny bit more than the train but saved us nearly an hour, then found ourselves faced with a 140ft tall statue of Murugan (that’s the tallest in the world by the way) when we arrived:

We took 272 concrete steps up into the heart of the caves where we found several Hindu shrines, then turned around to find Murugan looking just as spectacular from behind, with a few of Kuala Lumpur’s taller buildings lurking in the distance:

It was starting to get pretty hot and sweaty, especially after climbing the steps, but we couldn’t give up early so took a train to Kuala Lumpur Eco Forest Park – the only rainforest in the world that is situated in the middle of a city! There we took a really cool (and absolutely free) canopy walk through various lookouts along the top of the trees alol the way to the bottom of the KL Tower:

Although we planned to get some other bits done later in the day we chose not to in the end, out of tiredness more than anything. Sometimes it’s just not worth rushing or pushing yourself too much, and that’s exactly what we didn’t want to do, so spent the evening back at our hostel in our air conditioned dorm where we could relax properly. It was a fun and particularly inexpensive day, but as soon as it got dark we were out for the count. I guess that’s just what 90% humidity does to you eh?

Day 256 – Thursday 2nd February 2017
We were meant to be checking out this morning but changed our plans after cutting yesterday short, then had to move out of our four person dorm on the 25th floor to a six person dorm on the 3rd floor. It’s safe to say that the views aren’t anywhere near as good, but the two guys in our dorm were nice so we couldn’t complain really. 
Our first stop of the day was Merely Square, which is Kuala Lumpur’s number one tourist attraction according to Tripadvisor. I can’t see why though, there was a huge flag and a late nineteenth century building called the Sultan Abdul Samad, but that’s about it: 

Our next move was a very sporadic one. We walked to an embassy (I won’t tell you which) and picked up a coulple of visa application forms, then made a last minute change to our itinerary to buy some time, and filled the forms in so that they could be submitted there and then. It was a gamble, but hopefully one that will pay off. I’ll let you know whether or not our applications were successful as soon as we hear back.
We returned to the hostel and done some planning to reassure ourselves that we hadn’t made a silly move, then waited until it was dark before venturing back out again. This time we took an Uber to the Petronas Twin Towers, where we stayed for nearly an hour and took a fair few cliche tourist photographs:

We walked back from there, which took nearly an hour, but meant passing the KLCC Lake Symphony Water Fountain Show too so was well worth it:

What was meant to be an early night turned out to be a very late one, but we didn’t mind. We had another great day, and that’s what it’s all about really. Just make sure that you keep your fingers crossed that everything works out with our visa applications though!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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