Days 266 & 267 – Sunday 12th & Monday 13th February 2017

Just another few travel days…
Travel days are sometimes the most boring and stressful days imaginable, but we have to do them, so let’s just get this over with.

Day 266 – Sunday 12th February 2017
Luckily our hostel was pretty flexible regarding check out times so we didn’t need to rush this morning ahead of our evening flight back to Kuala Lumpur. Instead we stayed in bed until around midday, then packed everything away and left our bags in the luggage room before going out for something to eat.
We had 30,000 Burmese Kyat left to spend, which is the equivalent to around £20, so looked for a nice place for lunch on TripAdvisor and chose Sharky’s, a European restaurant ranked #27 of 674 in Yangon. It looked a bit tatty from the outside, but just like a Shoreditch hipster bar inside, and had white to Asian customer ratio of about 5/1 (so clearly nobody else fancied trying the street food either)! 
After eating we took a taxi to the airport and then realised something – in twelve days we hadn’t seen a single McDonald’s or Starbucks. It’s a bit bad that we only noticed because they’re the places with free Wi-Fi, but that’s irrelevant. No McDonald’s or Starbucks. Not one! 
Our flight was slightly delayed but still landed on time at 23:30 in Kuala Lumpur. We planned on taking an Uber back to Twenty5 hostel and hoped to be in bed by around 01:00 at the latest, but that plan fell apart of course. It took well over an hour just to pick up our bags and clear customs, then Uber failed on us so we had to take an airport taxi (the expensive option), and our driver didn’t know where he was going so we had to direct him based on memory. The list goes on but in the end we didn’t get to bed until 03:00, which would have been fine if we didn’t have to be up for anything in the morning, but we did! Just our luck eh?

Day 267 – Monday 13th January 2017
We only returned to Kuala Lumpur because flying in and out of the same airport helped with our Myanmar visa application, but didn’t need to spend another day hanging around, so booked a bus which was due to depart at 10:45. We woke up at 09:00, showered quickly and rushed breakfast, then spent about two hours waiting for our bus at the station because it was delayed. Typical.
By the time we hit the road, on a replacement bus which was actually really nice with its reclining seats and additional leg room, we were both ready for some serious napping. The journey (to Penang, which I forgot to mention earlier) took around five hours, but felt like nothing as we slept for most of it, then done the same in the taxi to our hostel in George Town as well. In fact, the only glimpse of energy that we showed came at dinner time when we walked to a restaurant, but that’s it.
As for today im just about done, but there’s one other thing that I’ve got to mention. I can’t help but feel like my posts have been carrying a theme of negativity for a while now and I think it’s time for that to change, so here’s some good news. Lonely Planet rated George Town as the world’s fourth best city to travel in 2016, and Penang as the world’s best (that’s right, number one) food destination in 2014. Sounds like a great way to get over a couple of tired and stressful days doesn’t it?


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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