Day 270 – Thursday 16th February 2017

A bus journey like no other…
Those of you who come here often know that we’re well up for travelling by bus if it means saving a few pennies here or there, and until today we thought we’d seen just about everything when it comes to bus travel, but boy where we wrong. In fact, I’m quite uncomfortable using the word bus right now, because it’s not accurate. The proper term for what we experienced today is minivan.
At 08:30 our driver arrived in his sixteen seater Toyota Hiace, folded four seats down to make room for our luggage, then got moving. We had nine seats left available so it was no surprise when we started picking up other travellers, but after four stops and nine new travel buddies we thought we were full. We were wrong. 
Two stops later the folded down seats were folded up again, four others joined us, aisles were filled with suitcases and backpacks, and anything else had to be put on our laps. Actually that sounds quite horrendous reading it back, but it wasn’t – it was so ridiculous that we couldn’t help but laugh about it!
Of our companions I had a few favourites – a German couple who bickered endlessly, and the Asian lady who sat next to me. We couldn’t understand a word that the German couple said, but came to the conclusion (based on tone of voice and distinctive hand gestures) that they were arguing over choice of transport, which was hilarious. The Asian lady on the other hand didn’t say a word, but fell asleep on my shoulder which was just as entertaining. 
After three hours on the road we crossed the border into Thailand, then continued for another seven, with a change of bus and driver along the way. What was sold to us as an eight hour journey took just over ten, but we weren’t too fussed. We arrived in Krabi at around 18:00, checked in to Boss & Benz House, then went straight out to the local night market to eat. 
It’s an hour behind Malaysia in Thailand we still found ourselves in bed by 21:00. Funny isn’t it, how sitting on a minibus for ten hours takes it out of you?


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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