Days 273 & 274 – Sunday 19th & Monday 20th February 2017

Thailand just as we expected it…
Our first two days in Thailand weren’t a great reflection of what we expected, but we were only getting settled really. It didn’t take long for verything to start taking shape though. 

Day 273 – Sunday 19th February 2017
After waking up early and making sure that we were outside our hostel by 07:30 to be picked up for our trip to Koh Phi Phi this morning, the minivan was delayed and we ended up having to wait an hour just to get going. Luckily that didn’t set a precedent for the rest of the day though.
By 09:00 we found ourselves amongst a group of forty people crammed on to a speed boat which definitely didn’t have room for everyone. Luckily we secured ourselves a couple of decent seats and had a relatively comfortable ride, but I don’t think the same can be said for a few of the others on board. Still, better them than us I guess!
The sun was out and the water was clear, and that kind of masked the fact that our first stop of the day, Kai Beach, was absolutely full of other tour groups. There’s no denying that it was beautiful though, the place looked like something you’d see on a postcard:

After half an hour at Kai Beach we continued to Monkey Beach, where everybody except us two seemed absolutely fascinated. Monkeys are cool but I find them more annoying than interesting now. Watching naive people get too close only to regret their decision immediately was rather entertaining though.
We had a buffet lunch on Phi Phi Don island, followed by some free time on the beach before we were supposed to leave. That didn’t quite work out though, after a family on our tour failed to return to the boat on time and delayed everyone by nearly an hour. Loads of others kicked up a fuss, and after a while a few people even demanded that we leave them behind, but Abbie and I just kept ourselves to ourselves instead of getting unnecessarily worked up. Besides, of all places to be delayed by an hour, there’s not many I’d choose over this one:

Left behind schedule thanks to the annoying family and their lack of time keeping we only had an hour for snorkelling, which I’ve decided is one on my new favorite things to do. I used to be a bit cautious in open water, epecially around fish (I’m not sure why), but love it now:

Our final stop of the day was at Maya Bay, the most popular tourist attraction of Koh Phi Phi, where The Beach (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) was filmed back in 1999. It was busy, but not too bad. We managed to get a couple of selfies without anybody else in shot too (cue mum in the comments section about how well we both look):

It wasn’t until gone 18:00 that we arrived back at our hostel, ten hours after leaving this morning, completely knackered. We needed an early night so went out for dinner and planned on going straight to sleep after that, but ended up being kept awake by a guy in our dorm room who was snoring louder than anything I’ve ever heard in my life. Even earplugs didn’t block out the noise that he was making, so our only option was to put headphones in and fall asleep to music. It wasn’t ideal, and probably took us about an hour to drift off, but once we were asleep there was no chance we’d be waking up before morning. 

Day 274 – Monday 20th February 2017
Today was never going to be a busy one. We got out of bed at 11:00, had breakfast at lunchtime, then packed a bag and headed for Patong Beach.
A pair of beach mats and an umbrella cost us 200฿ for the day, and after picking a spot on the sand and smothering ourselves in sun cream, we didn’t move for a good five hours. Actually that’s a lie, we moved now and then, from the beach into the Andaman Sea and back again, or to the shop for beer, ice cream and water. For the first time since we visited Copacabana Beach in Brazil (which feels like ages ago) we had what I’d consider a proper beach day. 
We packed up and left as the sun went down, then showered before going for something to eat. We thought we’d splash out a bit as we hadn’t spent much all day, so had crab for dinner which was really good, then we booked a bus out of Phuket for the morning. 
The snoring guy was in our room again, but turned out to be a really decent bloke who was fully aware that he has a problem and wears a gum shield to prevent it. Problem is that sometimes the gum shield falls out, like last night, and he couldn’t really do much about that. Luckily we didn’t have a repeat performance this evening though, so finally managed to got the decent sleep we needed! 


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