Days 276 & 277 – Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd February 2017

My new favourite place in Thailand…
Koh Samui, Thailand’s second biggest island (behind Phuket), is well known for its palm fringed beaches and luxury resorts, which raised the question – can we live a lavish lifestyle on a backpackers budget? Challenge accepted! 

Day 276 – Wednesday 22nd February 2017
After what was probably the most stressful day of our trip so far yesterday, we had no intention of doing anything more than taking it easy today. We got off to a slow start, then finally ventured out but only as far as Moo 2, just a couple of kilometers away from our hostel in Moo 3. 
We spent some time wandering in and out of various shops and markets, stopped for ice cream along then way, then found ourselves at one of the northernmost points of Chaweng so took to the sand. After walking back along the beach for a while we found a nice spot in the shade and claimed it as our own, then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing until the sun started to go down:

It wasn’t until around 18:00 that we packed our things away, had a quick shower, then headed out to meet up with a (very) old friend. In fact, I don’t even think friend was the right word to use at that point, because we were on our way to meet a girl who I hadn’t seen in over ten years when her brother played for the same football team as my brother. Anyway, she’s travelling too (with her boyfriend) and seeing as though we happened to be in the same place at the same time we saw no reason not to get together for a long awaited catch up!
We met at The Islander Bar & Restaurant at 19:00, ordered a few drinks, then some food, then a few more drinks, and before we knew it we’d been chatting away for over five hours and the bar was about to close. We couldn’t leave without asking for a quick photo of us all, not because we particularly wanted one, but because I know for a fact that our mums will both have a meltdown when they find out that we got together:

It goes without saying that anybody you can sit and chat with for that amount of time is obviously great company. We had a really good evening, and by the time we said goodbyes and headed off in different directions, I think it’s safe to say that we can consider each other friends again.
Not a bad way to get over the disasters of yesterday eh? 

Day 277 – Thursday 23rd February 2017
Koh Samui is a big island, almost 230 square kilometers in fact, so in reality we didn’t stand a chance on foot. The best alternative? Hire a moped of course! I signed my life away, claimed to have moped riding experience, which unless electric mopeds count I definitely don’t have, then we were on our way:

First we visited Hin Ta Hin Ya, otherwise known as the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks. There’s a story behind them, but most people visit for a different (slightly phallic) reason. I’ll leave you to look at the rock formation and work it out for yourselves:

From there we jumped back on the moped and continued to Na Muang Waterfall 2, which has a natural pool at the bottom in which we were able to have a quick swim and escape the heat:

We considered taking the 100 kilometer ring road all the way around Koh Samui but decided against that idea with time and money in mind, so turned around and continued to Wat Phra Yai, the (quite appropriately named) Big Buddha Temple:

Before returning the moped we booked ourselves a ferry to Koh Phan Gan for the morning, then had pizza for dinner (how very Asian of us) and called it a night. It might not seem like we got particularly much done, we covered a hell of a lot of ground, and spent a good eight hours out in the sun again too. Oh we found a Tesco as well, and a Dairy Queen – what a blast from the past that was! 


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