Days 278 & 279 – Friday 24th & Saturday 25th February 2017

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Adjectives like ‘hopping’ are often used to describe travel between Thai islands, and it’s very clear to see why. We managed to fit three Islands into five days, and certainly weren’t showing signs of slowing down either.

Day 278 – Friday 24th February 2017
We didn’t have to rush for anything this morning because our check our time wasn’t until midday, so we found a buffet breakfast and filled up before packing everything away, then waited outside for a minivan which (as if by some sort of miracle) showed up dead on time. The twenty minute drive was one of the nicest we’ve ever had, not because of where we were or the route we took, but because we didn’t pick up a single person along the way, which meant that stretching our legs was for once a plausible option. Everything seemed to be going our way, but then as we jumped out of the van I dropped my phone and smashed the screen – typical! Thankfully it’s still useable though, so I can just deal with it instead of having to get it fixed. 
The minivan dropped us off at Samui Pier where we waited for an hour before taking the ferry to Koh Phan Gan, which didn’t take very long at all. Then, having learned from our ticket scam incident a few days prior, we decided to find a hostel close enough and walk there instead. We chose Lazy House Shenanigans Hostel, not only because it cost just £2.48 per night, but because there’s free Wi-Fi, a pool table and a swimming pool too: 

Instead of jumping straight into the pool, which was very tempting might I add, we headed for Haad Rin Beach where we stayed for the afternoon: 

We got a little bit lost on the way back to our hostel but passed quite a few swanky resorts and decided to go crazy and stop at one of them for dinner. The food was a little more expensive than what we are used to paying but we had a plan up our sleeves and executed it perfectly! In short, we somehow we blagged ourselves an invite back to the resort tomorrow, to use the facilities (swimming pool, sun loungers, private beach etc.) absolutely free of charge. What a result! I even had a quick search on Google and found that one night in the cheapest room available costs over fifty times more than our hostel, how ridiculous is that? 
We had an early night, excited like a couple of kids on Christmas Eve, ahead of our big day tomorrow. I know that in my last post I mentioned ‘lavish lifestyle on a backpackers budget’ but this was a whole new ball game.

Day 279 – Saturday 25th February 2017
Our enthusiasm was clear to see this morning – we got to the resort so early that there was nobody else around, so we had the entire pool and beach area to ourselves, which was amazing:

We spent the entire day floating between the pool, the sea and the sun loungers. Our only care in the world for a good six hours was having to reapply sun cream, and it was just perfect! We had a milkshake each in the morning and a good few litres of bottled water throughout the day, so felt like we’d paid our way in a sense, and only left because we didn’t want to push it and end up with sunburn or something.
We returned to our hostel and showered quickly, then took advantage of happy hour by ordering a Sang Som (Thai rum) and Coke each which we drank by the pool: 

For dinner we found a nice restaurant on the beach and watched the sun go down, and that brought our day to an end: 

Our taste of travelling on more than just a shoestring was over, and although it was great fun, I don’t think I’d be able to do it long term. Give me a day or two at a resort and I think I’d start to get itchy feet. Besides, our hostel might not have been as clean or had as many stars against it’s name, but it definitely had more personality! 


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