Day 282 – Tuesday 28th February 2016

A whole day of travelling…
We had to be at Mae Haad Pier by 09:30 this morning to catch a ferry to Chumphon which took a couple of hours, before waiting to board a bus to Bangkok which took another eight.
When we finally arrived after twelve hours in transit it was only a ten minute walk to Sabye Club Hostel where we had a reservation made, but to our bemusement there was no space for us. I don’t know the full story, but apparently a system error (what a poor excuse) meant that the hostel was full already, so we had to leave and find somewhere else to stay. Oh and just to make matters even more frustrating they refused to refund the deposit that we’d already paid online because we were no longer staying with them, but that was their fault not ours, so it made no sense. Anyway, this post isn’t going to be one of those that descends into chaos, because I absolutely love writing letters of complaint, and stand confident that I’ll come out on top this time.
We walked down the road and found Bewel Hostel, where the staff were much friendlier and the building itself was a lot cleaner too. It cost a little bit more but by the time we got there our priority was finding a decent bed, not worrying over the sake of a pound or two. By luck we found ourselves nestled right in the heart of Phra Nakhon, Bangkok’s central district, in a great place to get started tomorrow. Being back on the main land felt a little alien to us but we were excited nonetheless – I just hope the the next post will be a bit more exciting for you guys to read about! 


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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