Day 283 – Wednesday 1st March 2017

Getting settled in Bangkok…
I don’t know why but both of us had big expectations for Bangkok, probably because it’s the capital of Thailand you know? Anyway, for some reason I thought it’d be similar to Singapore, but got that one completely wrong! In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
We decided to make our day up along the way instead of finding a guide or set route to follow, so started with a short walk to Phra Arthit where we jumped on a boat and took to the Chao Phraya River for ten stops as far as Central Pier, which took about half an hour to get to.
Along the way we passed many of Bangkok’s major tourist attractions, including Wat Rakangkositaram Woramahavihan (a Buddhist temple), Wat Kalayanamit (another Buddhist temple), Wat Yannawa (you guessed it!) and The Grand Palace (a palace, which was rather grand): 

We found that by taking the tourist boat we not only covered loads of ground and saved loads of time, but managed to see a lot that we’d have had to pay for otherwise so saved quite a bit of money in the process. The Grand Palace alone costs 400฿ just for entry, and although I’m sure views from inside would have been incredible, what we had was enough for us at least.
After walking from Central Pier to River City (Bangkok’s home of antiques and collectibles) we carried on through Chinatown to Rachawong where we boarded the boat back to Phra Arthit and returned to our hostel. It was very hot and stuffy, and in retrospect it probably would’ve been a good idea to cut our day short and leave a few bits for another time, but that’s just not our style.
For dinner it felt only right to keep things traditional, so we headed for Rambuttri Road, a place that is said to offer a taste of Bangkok before all the skyscrapers arrived. Authenticity definitely prevailed – the food was some of the best we’ve had in Thailand but some of the cheapest too.
After just a day it felt we’d been here for a week already, but somehow we still had loads left to do, so extended our stay by another night and then went to sleep. Theres nothing better than getting into bed and knowing that you dont have to wake up and pack in the morning!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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