Days 303 & 304 – Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Two days in Hoi An…
Don’t you just love it when a place takes you by complete surpirse? Neither of us knew what to expect of Hoi An, but we both ended up absolutely loving it. 

Day 303 – Tuesday 21st March 2017
Our bus arrived in Hoi An at 06:00 this morning and despite the fact that it was rather early we actually felt quite refreshed after a decent night on the sleeper bus. We even turned down a taxi in favour of a half hour walk through the city to Hideout Hostel, where we weren’t due to check in until 14:00, because we had didn’t have any reason to rush you know?
We arrived seven and a half hours early at 06:30, then dropped off our bags and had breakfast which took us to 08:00, by which point we were starting to run out of ideas. We didn’t want to completely waste our time by just sitting around though, so locked our things away in the luggage storage room and went for a wander.
As recommended by Spencer, the absolute legend of an events coordinator at our hostel, we walked along the Thu Bon River towards the Ancient Town, where to our surprise it was already starting to get quite crowded with tourists. We battled our way through the crowds and stopped at a few of the cities main attractions including Chua Cau (an old Japanese bridge), then had some Vietnamese Pho (noodle soup) for lunch with a bia hoi (local draft beer, which cost just 18p!) before it was finally check in time.
We didn’t do much with our afternoon but at 19:00 our hostel immediately came to life when they started serving free beer at the bar. Within an hour we’d made a whole load of friends from all corners of the globe, shared a few drinks, and even started a beer pong tournament. It was a backpackers heaven! As you can imagine what we expected to be an early night ended up being quite a late one, but can you blame us? 

Day 304 – Wednesday 22nd March 2017
This morning I woke up naturally at 05:45 for some bizarre reason, but took the opportunity to wake Abbie (which she was surprisingly content with) and head straight out to beat the crowds and see Hoi An in all of its natural beauty:

We revisited the Ancient Town, took some beautiful pictures (without a million other people getting in the way), then returned to bed for a few hours before starting our day again.
We had free breakfast at around 11:00, then had a word with our new pal Spencer and decided on a trip to the An Bang Beach. We had to hire a moped to get there, but it only cost 80,000₫ for the whole day which was cheaper than a one way taxi and suited us perfectly. Upon arrival we assembled as many other beach goers as possible and started a volleyball tournament, which ended up lasting about five hours:

It was intense, but we had the East Vietnam Sea right next to us for regular stops to cool down which was quite ideal.
In the evening Spencer came up with the idea of going on a mini pub crawl, so got together a group of fifteen people and took us to three bars then a night club. I mean, I know he’s an events coordinator and it’s his job, but he was doing pretty damn well at it! We knew loads of the others from beer pong and/or volleyball too so it wasn’t hard to make friends and have a great night out.
We got in at around 02:00 having only spent around 200,000₫ (that’s like £4 each). I even bumped into a couple of my brothers friends as we walked from one bar to the other, which was a coincidence and very unexpected, what with being in Vietnam and all.
I’m not usually one for promotional posts, but I can’t help it this time. For anyone who plans on visiting Hoi An – don’t think twice, just book yourselves in to Hideout Hostel. Free beer, loads of like-minded and very friendly people, group trips to the beach, games at the bar, and even a pub crawl. It doesn’t get much better than that does it? 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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  1. Becca Dunne says:

    How awesome is Hoi An?! One of my favourite cities in Vietnam and the drinks are toooo cheap haha 🙂

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