Days 305 & 306 – Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th March 2017

​One and a bit days in Hue…
So there’s been a bit of an unwritten rule since arriving in South East Asia that we spend at least a couple of days everywhere we go, but time is running short now. Some places only need one day anyway don’t they? 

Day 305 – Thursday 23rd March 2017
On the back of last night’s drinking spree this morning was unsurprisingly slow, but we had nothing to wake up for except breakfast, and that was available until 11:00, so we crawled out of bed at around 10:50 and made it just in time.
The free breakfast was simple – a buttered baguette with either fried or scrambled eggs. We thought we’d push the boat our though, so added sausage, bacon and beans which well and truly defeated any hint of a hangover.
At 13:30 we took a bus from Hoi An to Hue, which only took four hours and felt like no time at all, especially given the amount of overnight journeys we’ve endured recently. By 18:00 we’d arrived, taken a well overpriced taxi to Lanterns Hostel, checked in and headed straight back out again (with the intention of getting some sightseeing done before sunset).
We grabbed a map and planned on heading to the Kinh Thanh Citadel but only made it as far as a restaurant called Big Ben, which sounded like a tourist trap for British travellers but served some of the best Vietnamese food we’ve had since arriving. It was cheap too so we shared three main courses between the two of us, a rice dish, a noodle dish, and Banh Xeo – sizzling rice pancakes with pork and shrimp.
In the end we didn’t get any sightseeing done at all, but we had an awesome dinner so that made up for it. Anyway, no harm done, we just left ourselves more to do tomorrow!

Day 306 – Friday 24th March 2017
With a long list of things to do we made sure that we were up and out early today, but only after taking advantage of the free breakfast (as always). We walked to the Kinh Thanh Citadel and checked out the loads of temples, palaces, and other places of worship, some of which were built as early as 1362:

We started to fall behind in the afternoon, presumably because it was swelteringly hot outside, so we skipped a trip to an abandoned waterpark (which was a shame because it did sound like fun) and returned to our hostel instead.
In the evening we found another curiously named Vietnamese restaurant – Mr. Trump. Why on earth the restaurants here have such questionable names I’ll never know, but the food was really good again so we can’t complain. Anyway after eating we booked an onward ticket for the morning and then packed our things ahead of another particularly early start. Hue was nice, but we don’t have time to hang around any more! 


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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