Days 312 & 313 – Thursday 30th & Friday 31st March 2017

Not the best start…
Well, it wasn’t the worst either, but it could’ve been better.

Day 312 – Thursday 30th March 2017
This morning we had to be up at 06:00 to catch a taxi to the airport for our flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong which was due to depart at 09:30. We arrived with plenty of time to spare, checked in and then headed straight through to security, who for some reason decided to make me wait for around half an hour as they inspected my passport, only to let me through after a while with no questions asked. Strange.
We reached the gate at 08:45 just as it was due to open, only to hear over the tannoy that we’d been delayed which meant more waiting around. The flight itself only took an hour and a bit to reach Hong Kong though, so we still had most of the afternoon ahead of us.
From the airport we took bus A11 all the way to Causeway Bay, which set us back $40 each but stopped almost immediately outside Comfort Hostel HK, where we had ourselves booked in for four nights.
Unbelievably it cost around £36 per night for two beds in a six person dorm, and I’m pretty sure that makes it the most expensive hostel we’ve ever stayed in. I mean, you’d have thought that for £18 per person per night the hostel may have been something special, but it was actually quite basic – our building didn’t even have a common area or a kitchen!
For dinner we wanted something local so found a Hong Kong style restaurant and ended up having to pay $60 per person just for a bowl of pork noodles. That was the cheapest thing on the menu too, how ridiculous?
First impressions of Hong Kong weren’t amazing – everything just seemed very overpriced, especially after flying in from vietnam, but we adopted a ‘what can you do?’ sort of attitude to make ourselves feel a bit better about spending so much. It’s only for a few days after all.

Day 313 – Friday 31st March 2017
Seeing as there’s no breakfast in our hostel we had to walk to the local supermarket to buy porridge this morning, but picked up enough to last us a few days so that we didn’t have to be getting up and heading out just to get food every morning. We had to eat in a separate building where we found a basic kitchen (fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle), then checked out the notice board and found nothing but a free walking tour on Saturdays (which we kept in mind for tomorrow).
We had to resort to searching for things to do online, and absolutely everything pointed in the direction of Victoria Peak, so we went for that option despite the fact that it had been raining in the early hours. We took the MTR to Central Station, then walked to The Peak Tram which we took all the way up to Victoria Peak, the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island which stands at 1,811ft.
We never let weather get in our way before and didn’t want to let that change, but in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea, because from the viewpoint we couldn’t see a thing:

One thing made our journey worthwhile though, and that was a quick stop at Mimi Desserts where we finally treated ourselves to some bubble tea, something that Abbie has been raving about since the day we step foot in Asia more than two months ago:

It was very peculiar, sipping on a drink and ending up with tapioca balls in your mouth, but it was a novelty that we couldn’t walk past without trying. We had no choice but to give up after that though, so avoided spending so much on dinner by picking up some pre-cooked meals from the local supermarket, then called it a night.
We knew that we had to be up by 08:00 in the morning to make the walking tour so went to bed around 23:00, just as three of the others from our room headed out for the night. After one and a half days in Hong Kong I’d be lying if said I wasn’t a bit disappointed, but bad weather always puts a bit of a downer on things doesn’t it? Still, before going to sleep we checked the weather forecast and it looked great for the next few days, so at least we had something to look forward to!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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