Day 329 – Sunday 16th April 2017

Just another travel day…
Instead of taking us all the way to the station this morning like it was meant to, our bus stopped on the side of the road amongst a group of tuk tuk drivers and told us that we’d arrived. That old chestnut eh? We had no choice but to get off, but on the back of about three hours sleep neither of us were in the mood for getting conned, so dismissed absolutely everybody who approached us and started walking.
We spotted a shopping center in the distance and walked there with the hope of finding free Wi-Fi or at least a decent cup of coffee, but it was only 04:30 and everywhere was closed which ruled out both of those options. Luckily for us though, right next to the shops we found Dhaula Kuan Metro Station, which was already open and had a direct service to the domestic departures terminal. What a result!
We arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport at around 06:00, two and a half hours before we could even check in for our flight, and had to wait around for what felt like forever when all we wanted to do was sleep. When we finally dropped off our bags and cleared security we had breakfast, hopeful that we’d wake up a bit, but that didn’t work in the slightest. At around 09:00 we found a decent looking bench, tied our bags to our ankles (just in case) and closed our eyes for an hour or two.
Our flight took off at just gone midday and took nearly three hours to reach Goa International Airport. From there we had two options – 1) take a taxi to Anjuna which costs ₹1400 and takes an hour, or 2) take a bus to Anjuna which costs considerably less but takes over three hours. Luckily we found a guy to share a taxi with, which brought the cost down quite a bit and meant that we didn’t have to waste half of our afternoon on the road.
It wasn’t until gone 17:00 that we finally arrived in Anjuna at Spazio Resort, where we had ourselves booked in for five nights. Another mini holiday, if you like. We have a private room with air conditioning, an en-suite bathroom, free breakfast every morning, and most importantly a swimming pool. You can’t really complain about that for £15 per night can you?
For dinner we ordered room service because we were feeling super lazy, then went straight to bed. Getting here might have taken a while, but was actually the fastest option. Our other choice was the thirty five hour train – no thank you!


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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