Days 330 & 331 – Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th April 2017

Our first couple of days in Anjuna…
If im being completely honest, this post isn’t particularly interesting at all. In fact, had I not written a post for every single day up until this point I think I’d have skipped these two days. Oh well, here goes!

Day 330 – Monday 17th April 2017
This morning, for the first time in absolutely ages, we treated ourselves to a lay in. We still had to be up by 10:00 to make breakfast, but getting out of bed at 09:45 felt like something completely new to us.
Being our first day here we took a walk down to Anjuna Beach at around midday and stopped for lunch at Pirate’s Cafe. Back in the UK the thought of curry on a beach, especially at lunch time, would be absolutely ludicrous, but when in India eh? Oh and as if things couldn’t get any weirder, there’s cows on the beach here in Goa too.
It was tempting to hang around on the beach but we didn’t want to 1) get lost, or 2) stay out after dark, so instead we took the long route back to our resort and had a few drinks on our balcony.
For dinner we couldn’t be bothered to venture out so stayed on site again, but wandered down to the restaurant this time instead of staying in and ordering room service. I went for the Chicken Xacuti and Abbie had the Goan Fish Curry, both of which were featured on the list of local specialities and tasted absolutely great.
As for Goa, we hadn’t seen much yet, but at least we’d tried the food – that’s a start right?

Day 331 – Tuesday 18th April 2017
Today we had a pool day, so there’s not a lot to write about really. Here’s a picture from our balcony just to make you all jealous though:

For lunch we walked just down the road to a place called Zorba and had a couple of kebab wraps which were stupidly cheap and absolutely massive, then returned to the pool and didn’t move for the rest of the day.
We skipped dinner this evening because even by 20:00 we were still completely full, but watched a movie before going to sleep and managed to make room for ice cream (what a shocker).
By bed time we started to get a bit restless. Doing nothing is wonderful but I guess it’s just not in our nature. One day at the pool was enoughfor us – tomorrow we’ll step it up a gear!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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