Days 335 & 336 – Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April 2017

Two days in Hampi…
Apparently there’s two things you shouldn’t do when it comes to Hampi – visit in April/May or go out during the day when it’s too hot. Oops!

Day 335 – Saturday 22nd April 2017
This morning, instead of dropping us off at Kamalapur Bus Stand as we expected, our bus took us all the way to Hampi Bus Station. The mix up meant that we had to take a tuk tuk to our hotel which was a bit of an inconvenience, but also meant that we arrived at 07:30 (an hour later than scheduled) so at least it wasn’t dark outside.
We arrived at Clarks Inn by 08:00 and were allowed to check in immediately regardless of the fact that we were six hours early, so chucked our things in the room, headed back downstairs for breakfast, then signed up for a tuk tuk tour which started at 09:30.
The tour lasted four hours and cost ₹500 per person (that’s only about £5), including a driver for as long as we wanted him. We did have to pay another ₹500 for a ticket to get into the Vithala Temple Complex, home of the iconic Stone Chariot, but with that ticket we were also granted entry to just about every other point of interest along the way. I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to bore you, especially after the incredibly gripping guest post that Abbie came up with yesterday, but in addition to the Vithala Temple Complex we also visited the Queen’s Bath, the Underground Siva Temple, the Lakshmi Narasmiha Temple (home of the Lord Vishnu statue), Akka-Thangi Gudda (the sister stones), the Lotus Mahal, the Elephant Stables, the Ranga Temple, the Hazararama Temple and the Virupaksha Temple:

That’s not everything either, it’s just as much as I can remember the names of. Anyway by 13:30 we’d been awake for six hours already (and out exploring for four), so didn’t hesitate in returning to our room for a well deserved siesta.
It wasnt until around 16:00 that we headed back out again, this time to Kamalapur Archaeological Museum, a tiny little place that wouldn’t have been worth the visit if we had to pay, but was free so we didn’t mind.
Back at the hotel in the evening we headed downstairs to the restaurant for something to eat, then back to our room where Abbie went straight to sleep while I stayed to watch the Chelsea vs Tottenham in the FA Cup Semi Final. It was a 21:45 kick off so didn’t finish until nearly midnight, and the result didn’t go our way either which was disappointing, but the fact that we had a TV in our room with English football being shown was enough to keep me happy. As for Abbie, she’s always happy when she’s sleeping, so it was a win win for us both really!

Day 336 – Sunday 23rd April 2017
This morning we didn’t get out of bed until gone 10:00 and only just about made it downstairs in time for breakfast, but caught up on sleep and that was the main thing.
We had a much shorter day today but still managed to get a lot done, starting with a visit to the Hemkuta Temples and then Sanapur Lake:

For lunch we stopped at Mango Tree, a small tented restaurant where we tried South Indian Thali for the first time. We didn’t realise until afterwards but it turns out that Mango Tree is in fact the most famous restaurant in Hampi, and it’s clear to see why – the food was outstanding, even if we did have to eat from cushions on the floor.
Before heading back to the hotel we booked ourselves a bus ticket so that we didn’t have anything to worry about tomorrow, then managed to get an early night for once, which was definitely a good move. Hampi was beautiful, and it’s clear to see why comparisons are often made to Disney’s Aladdin, but we didn’t want to push our luck – like I’ve said before, there’s only so much you can do when it’s more than 40℃ outside!


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