Days 338 & 339 – Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th April 2017

Two (more) days in Goa…
Alright so we spent nearly a week in Anjuna but there’s so much more that Goa has to offer. We just couldn’t resist checking it out for ourselves!

Day 338 – Tuesday 25th April 2017
This morning we arrived at Mapusa Bus Station at 08:00, then took a taxi to Happy Panda Hostel where we arrived at 09:00. We weren’t allowed to check in straight away, but showered and changed, then left our bags behind and went straight out to get some breakfast.
As recommended by staff at the hostel we decided on a German bakery (which was in absolutely no way German) and walked from there to Arambol Beach to make the most of the breeze that was being swept in from the Arabian Sea:

At around 14:00 we returned to our hostel to finally check in, when we realised that there’s no air conditioning but three or four fans in every room instead. I wouldn’t have minded if the fans were switched on permanently, but every now and then the whole street would lose power, leaving us sitting hopelessly in what was effectively an oversized sweatbox. Better yet, whenever the power cut out the staff would palm off any responsibility by claiming “welcome to India”.
We settled in to our room (as uncomfortable as it was at times), made a few friends, then wandered back down to the beach for dinner and a few drinks. Luckily we only had ourselves booked into Happy Panda for one night else I think I’d have ended up getting rather frustrated. Oh well – you win some you lose some!

Day 339 – Wednesday 26th April 2017
This morning we had to check out by 10:00 but that was no bother at all, because at 09:00 we all woke up to another powercut. What a coincidence eh? I guess that’s one way to get us out of bed!
For breakfast we visited a beautiful little place called Garden of Dreams with two of the guys from our room, Alex and Elliot. We sat on cushions on the floor amongst the trees and tucked into some awesome food, then decided between the four of us that we were all in need of a nice relaxing day at the beach.
Instead of returning to Arambol Beach we chose Mandrem Beach, which was only a couple of miles away. Abbie and I walked while Alex and Elliot took their scooters – we could have jumped on with them but they didn’t have helmets so we played it safe as always.
We met again just after midday at a place called End of The World (how cheery) where sun loungers were free as long as you spend some money at the bar, so we grabbed a few milkshakes and that was that. Abbie even paid for a massage, because when the sun loungers are free and there’s a massage on offer, who’s going to say no? We had a quick swim too but didn’t stay in the water for long as there’s a powerful undercurrent which makes things a little dangerous.
On the way back to our hostel we stopped for some dinner at 21 Coconut, a place which Alex recommended for it’s incredible spaghetti. I mean, as far as dinner goes you couldn’t get any less Indian if you tried, but boy was it worth it! 
We said goodbye to Happy Panda at around 18:30 and took a taxi back to Mapusa Bus Station, where for once our bus was actually on time. We set off at 08:00 and tried to go straight to sleep, but that was almost impossible. The roads between Goa and Mumbai (our next destination) are some of the worst in India, so we were in for a really long night that’s for sure!


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Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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