Days 340 & 341 – Thursday 27th & Friday 28th April 2017

Just when I thought I’d gotten away with it…
Everybody warns you about getting sick in India, but after more than three weeks everything seemed to be going fine. It had to happy at some point though didn’t it? 

Day 340 – Thursday 27th April 2017
As predicted yesterday evening, the bus from Goa to Mumbai was absolutely awful. Neither of us slept much at all and by the time we arrived at around 09:00 any sense of excitement was overshadowed with tiredness and frustration. I guess we can count ourselves lucky though because it’s the only bad experience we’ve had with overnight travel here in India, and probably the last as well.
We took a tuk tuk to Bombay Backpackers, checked in and claimed two beds in the nine bed dormitory, then headed out to Phoenix Market city, the largest shopping mall in India (at 4,000,000 sq ft). We wanted to take it easy and walking around a shopping mall provided the perfect amount of easiness (and air conditioning) required to keep us happy. There was a seriously impressive food court too, where we stopped for some Lebanese snacks before heading back to the hostel.
Later in the afternoon we decided on ordering in a takeaway, but then out of nowhere I took a real turn for the worst. It started with a severe headache, but developed into a nasty case of what I’m going to call Mumbai Belly (you know, like Delhi Belly, just in Mumbai) which left Indian food out of the question. Instead we played it safe and settled on Subway.
I tried to catch an early night but couldn’t sleep, so ended up laying for hours upon end, tossing and turning in a desperate attempt to get comfortable.
It wasn’t the introduction to Mumbai that I had in mind, but it wasn’t the end of the world either. We had three full days left, so as long as my body sorted itself ASAP we still stood a good chance of getting everything done.

Day 341 – Friday 28th April 2017
This morning started exactly where yesterday left off and didn’t improve at all. I don’t think I slept for any more than about half an hour at a time overnight and that left me in a tired and fidgety state for breakfast, absolutely certain that I wouldn’t be able to go out or get anything done until thinks started to improve.
Abbie was patient as ever and stayed in to look after me all day, but joined a group of others on a trip to Luxe Cinema at 20:00 to see Baahubali (The Conclusion). I decided not to tag along as I still didn’t feel 100% fit – there was no point in jeopardizing my chances of a good day tomorrow just for the sake of seeing a movie this evening.
With everybody else out at the cinema I had nothing to distract me and managed to drift off relatively quickly, which came as an absolute miracle. My day was pretty shambolic, but getting to sleep was a step in the right direction. Fingers crossed for a productive day tomorrow eh?


About danstravelling

Dan Somogyi. Travelling the world 2016/17 with my girlfriend Abbie.
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