Days 342 & 343 – Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April 2017

Two days in Mumbai…
Finally I found myself fit enough to leave the hostel – time to get out there and actually do something eh?

Day 342 – Saturday 29th April 2017
Last night I managed to sleep for about eight hours straight, which meant that although I didn’t feel completely better, I was definitely on the mend. We didn’t head out until 11:00 as more of a precautionary measure than anything else, but then joined five other guests from our hostel on a day out in Mumbai.
Our first stop of the day was Dhobi Ghat, the largest open air laundromat in the world, where washers (also known as Dhabi’s) wash clothes that have been shipped in from Mumbai’s hotels and hospitals:

From Dhobi Ghat we took a train to the Dharavi Slums, the most populated place on earth, where most individuals survive on less than US$1 per day and work twelve hour days for up to ten months straight without a single day off. It was fascinating:

When you imagine Indian slums the last thing that comes to mind is an economical turnover of around US$1million dollars, but that’s exactly what you can find at the Dharavi Slums – instead of homelessness, unemployment and starvation, there’s thousands of workers earning their way thanks to the massive recycling industry. It was a real breath of fresh air, not only seeing these workers do their best to make something of their lives, but the fact that actually have the opportunity to do so. There was even room for some absolutely incredible street art too:

I could go on and on about how fascinating and insightful today was, but I’m running out of words. In fact, being left speechless sums it up perfectly. What a day! 

Days 343 – Sunday 30th April 2017
Today was our last full day in Mumbai, so we thought we’d start on a high by visiting the Gateway to India:

We wanted to take a boat over to Elephant Island from there, but arrived a little later than expected, couldn’t quite work out where to buy official tickets, and didn’t want to end up getting scammed, so decided against it in the end.
We walked from the Gateway to India to The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, then carried on to Leopold Cafe for lunch, where evidence of the 2008 terrorist attacks (including bullet holes in the walls) were still clear to be seen.
After eating we planned on visiting the National Gallery of Modern Art but didn’t fancy parting ways with ₹500 per person, so walked to the Rajabai Clock Tower via Oval Maiden Park instead, then made our last stop of the day at St Thomas Cathedral Church:

Back at our hostel we tried to check in for tomorrow’s flight and then planned on getting to sleep, but still found ourselves chatting away in the common room until gone midnight. Ah well, that’s just the way it goes I guess – nobody remembers the nights when they went to bed early do they?


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